Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I promised you this would be a slow week, and it was, at least for me.  I do know a few new shows premiered and a few summer shows ended, so if you watched any of them, feel free to comment or link up to your posts.

Not exactly sure what this is all about?  Feel free to check out my introduction last week.

Next week, I've got so many shows premiering it isn't even funny.  But for now here are my thoughts on what little I did watch this week.  (On the other hand, it made for a great reading week.)

Dancing with the Stars – There were some pretty impressive first dances.  It will be interesting to see how they do when they only have one week to prepare instead of 3 weeks.  Still, this is shaping up to be a pretty amazing season.  The quality just seems to increase every year.  And then there were the ones at the bottom.  Frankly, I felt sorry for both of the bottom two, and especially Lola who could do the step but messed it up during the routine.  I have to admire someone who is so hard on herself.  Even worse than the judges, she was her harshest critic.

American Ninja Warrior – This just goes to show what I was saying.  No one had finished stage 3 on American soil, and then once people started doing it, several people do.  Of course, they were rock climbers, so that certainly helps.  Just I wonder just what has happened to the Japanese team twice?  Is it that the American course is harder?  Or is it nerves?  Bad luck?  Something else?

Girl Meets World – Ok, seriously, what is the fascination with the 60’s?  Would Cory really be that into the decade?  I can get why his parents and grandparents (and the creators/writers on the show) would be, but Cory?  Even that aside, I didn’t find this episode as charming or funny as normal, although the final scene where the final connections from 1961 came together was good.  But their first true clunker after 7 or 8 – that’s not bad at all.  Next week looks pretty good.

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