Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ornament Review: Mrs. Claus's Kitchen Sink - 2014 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Rich in detail for a lovely piece
Cons: Nothing
The Bottom Line:
Decking out the sink
Filled with beautiful detail
Collectors will love

Who Would Have Thought to Deck the Sink?

I know people who go all out for Christmas decorations.  (Yes, even more than me).  They’ve got trees everywhere and other things to place all around the house.  And yet, I don’t know of anyone who has gone all out for their kitchen sink.  I mean, it’s something that needs to be used every day, right?  But I guess when Christmas is your life, you think of ways to decorate every last surface, which is why Mrs. Claus's Kitchen Sink is so fancy.

This ornament is actually part of an unofficial series the Hallmark artists have been collaborating one for the last few years.  Each artist did one little part, but it all comes together for a wonderful ornament.

This is a sink unlike any I’ve seen in recent houses.  There are selves around it and even over it.  That actually aids in the decorating since it gives Mrs. Claus more places to put things.  And what a collection there is around the sink.  There’s a Santa mug and a green nutcracker.  There’s a white teapot shaped like possibly Mrs. Claus herself.  There is a stuffed bear holding a spoon, a stuffed deer, and a stuff penguin.  A stuffed elf is leaning against a red package on the top shelf.  The faucet and sink themselves look almost like an antique, or maybe like the faux antique sets you can buy in most stores these days.  And under the sink?  You’ll find a whisk broom and dust pan, a mixer, and even some candy molds.

Of course, there has to be a window over the sink, right?  There’s one here as well, and it has a scene painted in it of snow and trees on a starry night sky.  It actually looks very cozy and inviting despite how cold it must really be.  This is the North Pole after all.  There’s a white wreath that hangs over the window, and this is the only part of the ornament that moves.  It can even sound a little funny as it swings back and forth in the box if you don’t know what is happening.

The ornament is a little bigger than some of the others that Hallmark produces.  Part of that is because of all the items in the ornament.  But the result is an ornament that is so rich in detail.  Like others in the unofficial series, I can spend hours looking at it and still find new little details to make me smile.  Truly, this is a work of art.

The sink features four feet for a nice, flat base, which means you can display it on a shelf, as part of a scene, or anywhere else you might want.  It is a little top heavy, so be sure it is some place where it won’t be bumped a lot.

There is a hook hidden behind the wrapped package to hang it from your Christmas tree if that’s your desire.  Since it’s located on the top shelf right in the middle, so it’s no surprise that the ornament hangs straight.  However, the ornament is heavy, which isn’t a surprise given its size.  You’ll want to make sure it is well back on a sturdy branch when you hang it.

The ornament was only released at the artist signings held around the country in 2014.  As a result, it is pretty rare.  Although it hasn’t been announced, if they hold true to form a repainted version will be available to members of the Keepsake Ornament Club next year, but right now it isn’t a guarantee.

If you’ve been collecting the Claus furniture unofficial series, you’ll be delighted with this addition.  Mrs. Claus's Kitchen Sink is rich in detail and beautiful to look at.  And it might even make you wonder just what you can do to your own sink this year.

Original Price: $39.95

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