Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31st's Weekly TV Thoughts

February sweeps is upon us!  Okay, so it technically just started on Thursday, but we'll be seeing lots of great new episodes (I hope) in the next few weeks.

But that's looking ahead.  There was some great TV this week as well, especially Arrow and Suits on Wednesday.

Galavant – I did not see that ending coming.  I really didn’t know they were even hoping for a second season.  I was expecting things to be wrapped up.  I do hope they come back, however, since I enjoyed it.  Yes, these final two episodes were back to the fun of the first couple of weeks.  Laughs and fun singing.

The Flash – Have I mentioned this week I love this show?  I think I just did.  I’m wondering how all this will play out with Dr. Wells, but I love the characters and their interactions.  I’m wondering how the Piper knows so much, but it sounds like we’ll get the answers to that next week.  Should be very interesting.

Agent Carter – Much better than the episode two weeks ago.  Captain America’s blood?  You know that will wind up being key to something down the road.  And the enemy agent next door?  Yikes!  That was a twist I did not see coming at all.

Arrow – More than the sadness over Oliver last week, the pain of Sara’s death was the major emotion this week.  I like the fact that Laurel wasn’t so great right out of the gate.  It will be interesting to watch her journey continue.  But watching her more actively lie to her dad was just crushing, especially with how it was effecting her.  And then that twist at the end?  The writers are doing an amazing job this season.

Melissa & Joey – A bit predictable but still plenty of fun.  And yes, we got to see Ryder, but seriously, what are they doing with him now?  I really feel like they don’t know what to do with his character.

Baby Daddy – So, the secret is out and everyone is back where they belong.  But what is this going to do to the love triangle is my question.

Suits – Talk about not being able to turn away from the TV.  The tension and drama packed into that hour was incredible.  I’m really not liking Louis right now, but I’m sure that will change as the rest of the season unfolds.

Big Bang Theory – I was just thinking to myself we hadn’t seen Emily in a long time.  That sub-plot was so funny and scarily true.  Meantime, I absolutely loved Sheldon’s story, too.  His actions and reactions were just so funny.  Great episode to take us into February sweeps.

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