Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

You will notice one show not on my list below.  That's right, I finally took Gotham off my DVR.  And there is much rejoicing since I've done little besides complain about it, right?

Here's what I did watch this week.

The Librarians – I was very impressed with that final episode.  I think they referenced every episode of the season, and it all played a part in the outcome.  That’s impressive writing, especially for a show I thought was more about fun than mythology.  I under estimated it.

Galavant – On the other hand, these episodes seemed a little slow.  Either the joke is already wearing thin or they had to move people around for plot purposes and there wasn’t as much room for humor.  There were some fun moments, but not as many.

Castle – They acknowledged that a PI’s life isn’t super exciting before giving Castle his first real client and a very exciting case.  But who would watch a show about a real PI?  Plenty of fun as we worked toward a great solution.  Here’s my full recap if you want to read more.

The Flash – I was never a fan of Prison Break, so the two stars of that show’s reunion as the villains here was a side point to me.  That’s okay because there was so much great stuff here, like the interactions between Barry and Iris’s’ boyfriend.  And, of course, that last scene with him moving back in was great.  Yep, even loved the colors on his old backpack.

Arrow – Even though I knew what the final scene would have to be (remember the name of the show), this episode really packed a punch.  Yes, I was tearing up.  This show deals with the aftermath of death so well, much better than other shows seem to do.  I have a feeling when everyone sees Oliver again it will be just as emotional for me.

Melissa & Joey – I’m still on team Zander.  His scenes were just so funny tonight.  Plus I just like him better with Lennox.  The real question is where is Ryder.  He hasn’t gotten much to do in like half a season.

Baby Daddy – You know, I think I might be falling on Danny’s side in this love triangle.  He seems like a better match for Riley.  Anyway, the scene with him hiding out was so hysterical tonight as more and more people started to hide.  Another very funny episode.  So glad I started watching this one.

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