Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

TV shows are slowly coming back, so welcome to the first Weekly TV Thoughts of 2015!  It was a short TV week, but it will quickly grow over the next few weeks.  My DVR schedule is starting to populate again.

Galavant – What fun!  It’s cheesy and corny and a bit off center, but I enjoyed it.  Could have done without the innuendo, but overall, I’m looking forward to the other three weeks of the show’s run.

Gotham – Yes, I still went ahead and watched the new episode.  I’ve got to admit, they tricked me with the villain.  Still not loving the show, but still not quite ready to let it go, either.

Agent Carter – Lots of fun with some serious depth to it as well.  The shots from the first Captain America movie really were sobering as is what happened to her first roommate.  Still, I’m enjoying watching her outsmart the men as she hunts for the truth.  Looking forward to more of this one as well.

The Big Bang Theory – Somehow, just as people start to get honest with Sheldon, he manages to get through their defenses and makes them like him again.  That last scene was so perfectly funny.  And Bernadette’s smirks and looks in her scenes were fantastically funny as well.

Last Man Standing – Yes, I turned in specifically for the Home Improvement reunion, and it was so worth it.  The first and last scene she was in were hysterical with so many references to the show.  I was laughing so hard.  Then I played the first scene for my roommate and I laughed just as hard again.

Girl Meets World – What parent would really not want their daughter’s friends to join them like that?  Yes, I get that it was a family time, but still, Cory was definitely over reacting.  Plus she wanted her friends there as part of the night instead of going off by herself with them.  And the game?  A very heavy handed analogy.  Still, lots of laughs and some tender moments at the end that I really liked.  Oh, and Cory’s line about how he’d be their teacher again next year?  Absolutely killed me.

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