Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I had a very long week at work, and coming back to TV was a nice escape every night.  Glad some shows were back on, with more coming next week.  It's about to start getting very busy again.

The Librarians – After watching the three movies, I got all the episodes of the series watched this week.  Definitely enjoying it, although they seem to have some wildly different tones at times, and the second episode from this last week seemed very out of order character growth wise.  I’m finally caught up, and there are only two episodes left.  Still, it’s been a fun ride.

Galavant – I think I found this one even funnier than the first two episodes.  Yes, the character development in both parts was fairly predictable, but the laughs caught me completely off guard at times.  Plus, how can you complain about a recap done completely in song.  I am loving this show.

Castle – I’d been hearing that Castle’s first episode as a PI was funny, and I’d heard correct.  A better than average mystery with lots of lots of laughs.  Castle competing with everyone was great, but the scene where Castle and Beckett were trying to get information out of each other?  Priceless.  Looking for more?  Here's my full recap.

Agent Carter – Just an okay episode.  It moved the story forward, but that’s about it.  Any major twists I saw coming a ways away.  Oh well, I think it set up some fun stuff for the future.

Melissa and Joey – I’m not always the biggest fan of this show, but I found this one pretty funny.  The lines were making me laugh even if the plot wasn’t terribly original.  It will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Baby Daddy – I felt so sorry for Danny at the end.  I knew he’d be sticking around, but that was still so sad to see.  Bonnie was pretty funny in this episode, but the best scene was Ben talking through his plan with the note he hid on Danny.

Big Bang Theory – Yes, it was a rerun.  But I’ve got to say it might be one of my favorites from the season.  Both storylines are pretty funny, but I love how easily distracted the guys got.  Even funnier the second time around.

Girl Meets World – I’m glad they’ve done something to soften Maya’s mother.  I still don’t know what I think of her and Shawn as a romantic pair.  Definitely interesting that they brought Angela up and we found at that essentially he hasn’t dated anyone sense.  Overall, lots of laughs and some great tender moments – just what I love about this show.

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