Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8th's Weekly TV Recap

You'll notice one less show on the list this week.  Yes, after talking about it all season, I finally gave up Graceland.  Yes, I have hardly been home the last two days, and that certainly helped lead into my decision, but I was already thinking about it.  If I'm that bored and unimpressed by a show, time to stop watching and free up my time for something else, right?  Anyway, here's what I did watch.

America Ninja Warrior – I feel like I’m saying the same thing every week, but I feel the same each week.  It was hard to see the vets who went out on the Invisible Ladder, but at least they slowed down and actually made it to Vegas this year.

Scream – So how did the killer know where those two were going to be?  And why is he kidnapping the ex?  It looks like he’ll be manipulating Emma, but why?  Meanwhile, that was a very different take on Brandon James now that we got “Daisy’s” side of the story.  But what does it mean for motive and killer?

Melissa & Joey – I know this show hasn’t always been my favorite, but I did like the ending.  It gave us closure while still leaving things open for plenty of great adventures for the characters in the future.  As much as I love Lennox and Zander together, I’m not sure I want them to get married yet, but that was my only complaint with that final scene.

Baby Daddy – That was quite a leap from no relationship to proposal.  I’m not sure what I think about that.  And yes, I was firmly on team Danny side by the end.  I hope things work out for Ben with someone new who is great soon.  And yes, as a huge fan of the sitcom Reba, it was wonderful to see Reba on the show.  Heck, I would have loved to see her around again in future episodes.

Suits – So what is this partner’s relationship with Hardman?  Is he really going to stick with the firm?  What will Mike do about this nomination for junior partner?  Yes, I feel for him even knowing that Jessica is right.  And Litt vs. Spector?  Wow.  This season is really heating up.

Girl Meets World – I thought I knew where this was going the entire time, but I still loved it.  So many great lines and laughs, and the alternate personalities were hilarious, although Maya are Riley was the best.  I wonder what they are doing with Riley and Lucas after that crack from Maya about how they are more brother and sister.  And it will be interesting to see how they plan to grow Farkle, although I am open to that.

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