Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Caught up on TV, which wasn't easy.  It's next week that most of my shows will go on hiatus for a few weeks.  It is getting a little easier to watch everything, however.

Survivor (11/25) – Interesting that these two hours would wind up back to back since they were both all about getting Fishbach out of the game.  I love how the idol has played a key part both times it has been played, but he used his advantage and still got voted out.  Happy it wasn’t Joe, but please, can Abby go now?

Amazing Race (11/27) – The only reason the teams didn’t finish in the order they left was because of the U Turn.  And we didn’t actually lose the Paparazzi either!!!!  Augh!!!!

Once Upon a Time – When Hook turns evil, he truly turns evil.  Was it his attempt to fool everyone or his unwillingness to fight the evil?  I’d lost count of the episodes, so I can’t believe we are up to the winter finale already.  I’m hearing rumors that we are going to deal with Hades in the second half.  I’m wondering if Hook will die on Sunday.

Supergirl – I still really wish that Cat would calm down.  A little bit of that kind of character goes a long ways.  And there is still hope that Dean Cain’s character is still alive since he is truly missing presumed dead.  I sure hope that is the case, anyway.

The Muppets – As always, there are good and bad things.  I sure am wondering what is in Piggy’s water.

The Flash – So glad they are finally going back to the Oliver’s son story.  That has been the slowest reveal ever.  Just like everything else this season, they are setting up the new spin off.  Not that I’m not enjoying the show, but it is so obvious.

Agents of SHIELD – Well, this will be interesting next week.  Felt like a lot of set up to get us there, however.  Still, I think it could be an explosive finale that will make me want to watch it when it returns in March.

Scream Queens – Seriously?  Pete is the other killer?  I thought the second killer was a woman since the babies were a boy and a girl.  There has to be some other explanation to what he just said, right?  Please?  I’m sure there is.  That was just to get us to come back for the finale next week, and it obviously worked on me.

Arrow – Epic conclusion.  I hope that Oliver keeping his son a secret from Felicity doesn’t cause problems down the road, but I don’t see how it couldn’t.  I feel like the real purpose of this was to set up the final two characters for the new spin off, but I’m okay with that.  It was still fun with plenty of action, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted.

Survivor – Not Joe!  Of course, if I were in the game, I would have done the exact same thing.  We will just have to see how it plays out for the remaining guys.  And I’m very glad that Joe was okay after his collapse.  Maybe being voted out right then wasn’t such a bad thing for him after all.

Amazing Race – I knew someone had taken the wrong ferry, and I suspected it was the Green Team from the promos last week.  Nail bitter for them and us.  And I would be right there with the Green Team crying too, if I were on the show.  Can’t believe the Paparazzi made it to the final leg.  I seriously thought they’d be gone a long time ago.  I wish they’d been gone a long time ago.

Girl Meets World – So they came back to the love triangle story, but they still didn’t resolve it.  On the other hand, we got to see the English teacher again, and that first scene with her was hysterical.  I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they do in the new year with the characters, and I know the writers are working on season 3, so there’s more of this show to look forward to.

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