Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13th's Weekly TV Thoughts

It's getting fuller again every week with more shows coming back.  Two new returning shows this week, in fact, with Survivor to come next week.  I need more time for TV watching.  You know, without giving up anything else.

Angie Tribeca – I recorded the first season during the marathon, and I finally finished watching all 10 episodes.  I wasn’t so sure after the pilot, but I gave it one more episode.  Suddenly, it clicked, and I loved it!  Exactly my literal, corny, sense of humor.  At times, I would see the gag coming, but I was still laughing at it.  In fact, I don’t know that I’ve laughed this hard at a show in a long time.  I hope those teasers for season 2 were real because I need to know there is more of this show coming.

Supergirl – How do they cram so much goodness into one episode?  The laughs at Hank trying to be Kara at work.  And the emotions of so many people – Kara, her sister, that final scene with her friends, Hank.  Plus killing off Astra, which I did not expect at all.  Such a good episode.

Castle – I’m not completely sure I’m on board with the whole pretending to be broken up thing, but it is so much better than the actual broken up thing.  And they know one way to my heart – acappella music!  I could have listened to a lot more of it during the episode, that’s for sure.  The scene where Espo started singing the interrogation was classic.  Plus that was Corbin Bleu!  Yes, I might be a slight High School Musical fan, so it was a blast to see him and John Billingsley from Enterprise.  Okay, I enjoyed it.  Hopefully, this is a sign that they’ve turned the corner and will be producing the show I’ve been watching for eight years again.

Team Ninja Warrior – One team not winning any of their matches?  Ouch!  It’s not like they weren’t close matches, but still.  I must admit I am conflicted about Flip.  He often strikes me as arrogant, but he’s so heartbroken when he goes out you can’t help but feel for him.  Still, I must admit I was rooting against him team.

The Flash – Barry talking to his mom just about killed me!  Yes, Iris saying goodbye to Joe was hard, too, but Barry talking to his mom was worse.  Probably because we knew this was Earth Two, so things that happen there won’t stick for our characters, but Barry’s Mom is really gone.  Enjoyed the humor and the cliffhanger has me ready for next week already.

The Muppets – Yes, that was me actually laughing at an episode of The Muppets tonight.  There were several jokes that felt like classic Muppet material and were actually pretty good.  Makes me look forward to next week.  Oh, and nice product placement for Zootopia.

Agent Carter – So we are half way through the season, and I have no clue how they will defeat the bad gal.  But the ride is so much fun.  Zero matter is a bunch of mumbo jumbo as far as I am concerned, but I am still enjoying the ride very much.

Arrow – Now we know why Olive and Felicity are broken up in a couple of months.  She’s going to learn about Olive’s son.  And I must say, bringing him into this is just despicable.  And after the man saved your life.  Dissolving the league of assassins is certainly an interesting twist.  I wonder how that will play out in the next few months.

Baby Daddy – Got to say not really a fan of this episode.  Then again, I don’t find people on drugs or alcohol that funny, which explains a lot about my problems with it.  Still liking Ben and Zoe as a couple, but we will see where the writers take them.

Suits – I will give the writers this, they know how to craft compelling drama.  I do wish our characters could be on the same side occasionally, but I just can’t stop watching.  This is going to be an amazing last couple of episodes, and I’m already dreading the cliffhanger at the end of the season.

Legends of Tomorrow – Was not expecting a cliffhanger.  Already can’t wait until next week.  And I love how they are giving us some good character development of the main characters.  Not everyone gets it ever week, but a couple get the spotlight each week, and it is working out very nicely.  And I’m loving that bit of camp to it.

Big Bang Theory – I forgot there was supposed to be a secret reveals, so Bernadette’s announcement shocked me.  It will be interesting to see how they play this out over the rest of this season and into the next one.  I hope it doesn’t change the show too much, although we’ve weathered so much else over the years, I think the time is right.

The Amazing Race – So I am officially on #TeamFrisbee.  Got to stand with my fellow ultimate Frisbee players.  Got off to a solid start, although not spectacular.  They’ve obviously got some stiff competition.  Anxious to see how the season unfolds.

Girl Meets World – Again with the preaching at us.  At least there were some good laughs along the way and a decent lesson (it helps with this one that I agreed with it).  But seriously, can they stop the preaching?  Or at least disguise it better?  Please?


  1. Angie Tribeca: Ditto me! I also discovered it during the marathon. Recorded all but still have four to watch. That show is hilarious. The writers seem to be able to turn any word into a misinterpretation.

    Team Ninja Warrior: I didn't care much for Flip when I first saw him a few years ago on ANW, but have come to like him well enough. Shocking that Joe M. (the Weatherman) and his team are out! Of course ditto in a previous week for Brent and Kacy. Some incredibly close match-ups this week.

  2. Misinterpretation - I like that. Plenty of puns as well. So glad I gave the show a second chance.