Sunday, March 6, 2016

Join the Cozy Mystery Review Crew

As you know, I love cozy mysteries.  I started writing reviews at Amazon back in 2001 to help cozy mystery authors sell more books by helping readers find my favorite authors.  Of course, it wasn't purely selfless.  I figured if I could get more people reading my favorite authors, these authors would get more books published, and I'd have more of their works to read.  In fact, you could say it was purely selfish, and I wouldn't deny it.

If you like cozy mysteries and want to help the authors, there's a group on Facebook you should consider joining.  It's the Cozy Mystery Review Crew.  Here's how it works.  After you are approved to join, you will have an opportunity to win a copy of a book.  It might be the published book, or it might be an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) of the book.  That's always disclosed when you sign up if it matters to you.  If you win, you will be sent a copy of the book in the mail.  There will also be a deadline for your review, so keep that in mind when you sign up.  The deadline is always clearly stated when you sign up.  You won't get every book you want, but you can get trying until you get one.

Don't have a blog of your own?  Not to worry.  A blog is only one of the four places you can post your review.  The others are Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  You only need to post to two of the four options, although if you want to post to more and places that aren't on the approved list, the authors certainly wouldn't complain.

As much as I spam my reviews all over Facebook, this is one group where I don't.  It's about supporting the authors who are members, so I only post reviews of their books in this group out of respect.

Sound like something you are interested in?  Here's the sign up form.  Once you fill it out, watch your Facebook Inbox, especially your other folder, for your approval.  There are a lot of great books coming to the group right now, so now's the time to sign up.

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