Saturday, April 8, 2017

April 8th's Weekly TV Thoughts

It's a good thing most of my superhero shows were on hiatus this week - I was very busy and barely kept up with everything.

Once Upon a Time – Interesting twist on Aladdin and Jasmin.  And, after the line about Jafar wanting revenge on the people who trapped him in the bottle, I’d guess that this is the same Jafar as Once in Wonderland even if it isn’t the same actor.  I’m glad Emma knows what happened to Hook, but how will he get back?  And what will Gabriel make her do?

Dancing with the Stars – America listened to me!  So glad Charro is gone.  I know some people love her, but I’ve always found her too over the top.  But she did make an easy spot to fast forward through.  The top tier are definitely beginning to separate themselves from the others, but we will have to see if that lasts.

24: Legacy – I called it – the father was still alive!  But now he has the former head of CTU.  That can’t be good.  And poor Eric with his wife.  I actually do feel for him.  Two episodes left, and I’m wondering just how many of these characters will survive.  This is 24 after all.

Legends of Tomorrow – I might have been upset by any of the deaths if I knew they would stick.  It was a fun finale, but it didn’t seem to have quite the punch that I was expecting for a season finale.  I love Rip, so I’m sorry to see him walk off the ship.  I hope that’s a season ending thing and he will actually be back.  I couldn’t believe they were actually in Los Angeles in the end, not National City or something like that.  Then again, on this show, they do use real place names.  Quite interested to see where they go with this time quake result next season.

Survivor – Sandra is gone!!  She took it well, which really impressed me.  I thought she might be a drama queen.  I don’t get what went down at tribal since no one switched sides.  I don’t think Debbie will play any different after talking to Cochran, but we shall see.

Designated Survivor – Ah, here comes the political lecture we’d been avoiding.  Naturally, we’ve gotten into gun violence, too.  I hope they remember they are a political thriller and not turn into The West Wing and be all politics now.

The Big Bang Theory – I’m actually very happy to see Bernadette struggling with going back to work.  She has been so anti-kid for so long, that seeing her wanting to spend more time being a mom was a nice change for her.  But what happened when Howard told her about Trixie?  Sheldon starring in The Hangover?  Actually, funnier than I was expecting, especially since it was all brought on by cough medicine.

The Great Indoors – How did Jack not know that Mason was bi?  That was established in the pilot, and Jack was there.  Or at least I thought he was.  Honestly, that part of the episode was preachy and painfully unfunny at the same time.  The scene with Paul and Roland at the end was actually very funny.

Powerless – Fun episode all the way around.  The arrow contest was a riot, in fact, as was all the things that Van won for.  Spoiled much?

The Amazing Race – From last just barely to first?  Wow!  I never saw that coming.  I was sorry to see the team go that was eliminated.  They had grown on me very quickly.  And I’m still trying to decide if that guy was being over dramatic or if he really was in that much pain.  I certainly could sympathize.  I was cringing watching that.

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  1. I was sorry to see them go. Shamir needed to go. I wish he had just quit and made it easy. I don't think they'll last too much longer. His attitude is horrible, at the airport and again during the challenge. Suck it up. Man up. Move on.