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Ornament Review: Winter Fun with Snoopy #14 Repaint - Tubing - 2011 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun ornament
Cons: Changing the colors doesn’t add anything overall
The Bottom Line:
A new color scheme
Not really much different for
This fun ornament

Slight Color Differences Don’t Add to the Fun

Hallmark likes to release slight variations on their ornaments as a way to entice collectors to buy more.  In the case of the 2011 Winter Fun with Snoopy ornament, it really worked.  I only started collecting this series after winning the 2011 repaint in a drawing held in the stores.  While it made me start collecting the series, this isn’t that big a change.

The ornament features Snoopy and Woodstock tubing down a hill of snow.  They look the same, which isn’t a surprise.  You can’t really paint characters a different color and have it work out well.  The only real possibility here would be Snoopy’s hat, which is still red like a traditional Santa hat.

No, the color changes come from the tube itself.  The color scene is now green and white instead of green and red.  The green is still on the upper layer and is a bit more of a light blue green than the blue green of the original..  The bottom layer is now white, as are the handles that Snoopy is holding on to.  And the design and year on the front of the tube are now blue.

Now don’t hear me wrong.  I think this makes a fine ornament.  I’m just not sure the changes are great enough to really make this exciting except for the diehard collectors.  Some of Hallmark’s repaints are incredible, and some are just for collectors only, and I think this one falls into that camp.  Prices aren’t outrageously expensive, which means most collectors tend to agree with me.

Like the original, you can set this out as part of a scene since the tube’s bottom is flat.  You’ll want to remember this is a miniature ornament and keep the size in mind if you set it out.  Even though this is a repaint and not an official series piece, you’ll still find the series marker on the bottom of the ornament.

Since all that has changed in the paint job, it’s no surprise that this ornament hangs the same way as the original – crooked.  In this case, that’s a great thing since the ornament tilts so that Snoopy and Woodstock look like they are actively tubing down the hill.

Since this repaint is rarer, it is slightly more expensive than the official series piece.  Most likely, you really only need one of these ornaments in your collection, so you just need to decide which one you like.  Whether you get the original or the 2011 Winter Fun with Snoopy repaint, you’ll be happy you added this fun ornament to your collection.

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Original Price: Free from in store drawing

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