Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I forgot to set this post up before I left for the weekend.  And I was out Thursday so thoughts on those shows will be coming next week.  Next week will be small anyway since the regular TV season is over.

Supergirl – There is a lot of hate out there for Mon-El.  Personally, I don’t get it.  I really liked his character, especially what he’d become in the season half of the season.  So I found the sacrifice he and Kara made very hard.  Wow, that hurt.  And I guess this means we won’t get a scene between Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain.  As much fun as it would have been, I’m not sure it ever would have really fit into the storyline this season.  Poor James.  A season finale and he gets one scene and no lines.  I hope they come up with something for his character to do next season that actually fits into the rest of the show.

Dancing with the Stars (Monday) – The first round dances were good, but the freestyles were amazing!  So incredible and very different from each other.  I wasn’t surprised by the judges scores because there wasn’t really anything wrong with any of them.

Angie Tribecca – I was expecting a funny episode, and it mostly was.  The beginning with the spoof on the PI genre was especially great.  It lost its way in there a bit with the environmental stuff, but it was a still a very solid episode.

The Flash – Wow!  Just wow!  So HR covered for Iris.  Didn’t suspect that at all.  Caitlin wants time to figure out who she is.  And Barry had to go into the Speed Force (I had wondered about there being no prisoner.)  So many emotions in such a small amount of time.  Can’t see how the writers write themselves out of this one when next season starts.

Dancing with the Stars (Tuesday) – Really?  Two and a half hours for 30 minutes of true content.  (I always say that, although I think it’s usually two hours for the finale.)  Still, give me a break.  Having said that, I’m thrilled that Rashad and Emma won.  I’m shocked that Dave came in second.  Obviously, that shows the power of the fans.  I truly had him pegged several weeks ago.  And yes, I would have been okay with Normanni winning as well.

Arrow – I have just one word.  WHAT?????????????????  (Note: I didn’t say anything about the number of question marks.)  Okay, a few more words.  Obviously, they are going to pull a 60’s Batman and show us next season how they really weren’t on the island as it was blowing up.  Heck, since we didn’t actually see Malcolm die, they could bring him back next season, too, if they wanted.  Love how they wrapped so many things from previous seasons back into the episode.  But can’t wait until next season comes back.

Survivor – Going into the final tribal, I was sure Brad would win, but after listening to the comments, I wasn’t surprised that Sara won.  I thought the Q&A was a very interesting way for the final tribal to go.  Heck, I usually find the tribal boring, but I thought this was interesting.  However, I’m not going to go as far as Ozzy and make a political statement out of it.

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  1. I loved the first tribal when there were six left and five were immune. Truly an historic moment. Sure felt sorry though for the gal with no votes who was the one voted off.