Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Caught up on shows, with plenty of new episodes to watch this week.

Survivor (11/21) – Dan’s right, it did take quite a bit from the Davids to take him out.  But then again, they were the underdog.  But talk about a crazy tribal!  That right there is why I continue to watch this show.  The unexpected is so incredibly entertaining.

Supergirl – James is no longer undercover.  Lena is going dark.  And we know that Black is evil as well.  At least we got some good steps forward in the plot this week.

God Friended Me – I suspected there was something funny about that last chess match all along, so that wasn’t a surprise.  But I don’t watch this show for the plot twists; I watch it for the heart-warming endings, and thankfully we got another one.  I’m curious where Miles and his dad are going to go if his dad starts to believe him.

Arrow – Finally!  But what a violent end, even for this show.  I’m just glad Oliver is out of prison, and I hope we can lighten things up some.  I guess I was wrong that Diaz is a series regular this season since it looks like he’s dead.

Legends of Tomorrow – Oh my goodness!  I was laughing so hard at that episode.  Just about every scene had at least one line or moment that was hilarious.  Definitely the light touch I needed after Arrow.

The Flash – I get where Nora is coming from.  Barry is right, but I get where Nora is coming from for sure.  Interesting to have a father/daughter villain team to go against the father/daughter heroes.  I feel sorry for our big bad now that we know more of his backstory.  (Supergirl, this is how you make someone sympathetic.)  With the crossover coming in two weeks, I get that they couldn’t have planned much more than this, but I feel like they might have planned to air the week of the election originally and then taken this week off?  Why else would a Thanksgiving episode air the week after the holiday.

This is Us – I love Beth, normally.  But in this case, she is dead wrong.  There is no way Randall can drop out of the campaign at this point.  Granted, I’m the one saying he shouldn’t be able to run since he doesn’t live in the city, but that’s beside the point since he is running.  Did not see the twist with Nicky coming.  What in the world is that going to mean?  And I’m still worried about the flashforwards.  Between this show and Arrow, I’m really beginning to hate flashforwards.

Survivor – I had missed we had a couple episode until I sat down to watch Wednesday night, late.  So I watched it over two nights.  And we went from a full on team choice to a split blindside.  And correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the Davids now down a player again?  I might have waited a week to send Carl home for that reason, although he clearly needed to go soon.  I am always surprised by players to get the way he did.  It’s a sign you want to go home.

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