Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ornament Review: Partners - 2018 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Captures statues I love
Cons: Looks like plastic trying to be metal
The Bottom Line:
Disney and Mickey
Statues shrunk to ornaments
Not perfect, still good

A Piece of the Parks for Your Tree

Many Disney parks have a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.  The best known iteration is the Partners statue.  I love looking at the one at Disneyland, so when I saw that Hallmark was releasing a version of it, I had to buy it.

Since I know the statues are slightly different at different parks, I'm not even going to claim I know which particular statue inspired this ornament.  It really doesn't matter since the basics remain the same.  These statues feature Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse.  Walt is pointing out to the distance.  You could say he is pointing into the future.  Or maybe he's pointing to all the guests they get to welcome to the park that day since he is usually pointing down Main Street to the entrance.  Both the man and his creation are smiling.

I will say that the ornament looked better in pictures than it does in real life.  The issue is in the fact that plastic is being painted to try to look like metal.  It's not bad, but it is definitely a flaw.  The good news is, this ornament looks better in dim light - say on a Christmas tree with just the lights of the tree on in the room.  Again, it doesn't look bad.  You can definitely tell who is in the statue.  They have the details in the faces and bodies you'd expect.  It just looks like plastic trying to be metal complete with some areas that are weathered and rusty.  And it’s those weathered and slightly rusty places that look so odd.

That complaint aside, I love it.  Then again, is that any surprise since I love Disney so much?

Since this is a statue, it comes with a great base so you can set it out to be displayed year-round.  If you are looking to hang the ornament on your tree, you'll find the loop on Walt's shoulder.  It's a great place for it since the ornament hangs straight.

If you buy this ornament expecting something that looks metal, you'll be disappointed.  But if you love Disney and these statues as much as I do, you'll be glad you bought the Partners ornament.

Original Price: 17.99

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