Saturday, March 30, 2019

March 30th's Weekly TV Thoughts

So, I may have added a couple of mid-season shows this week.

Supergirl – They are going to get back to the Russian Supergirl storyline.  Interesting how they have explained her presence.  How they are going to work that into the rest of the stories for the season.

God Friended Me – If you weren’t crying during that episode, you have a heart of stone.  They managed to have a few twists in there I wasn’t expecting, but I still saw that climatic scene coming before we got there.  And I was still crying.  Not surprised with where the father’s story went this week.  And Miles and Cara’s fight was obviously coming for a couple of weeks.  Now that we’ve gotten there, I hope we see where they go soon.

Arrow – I did not see Oliver’s sister being this evil.  Heck, she blew up the Queen’s Gambit all those years ago?  I’m thinking she is now the big bad of the season.  Or am I really way out of line on this one?  Laurel being caught in the crossfire is going to be interesting.  It’s too bad since I was enjoying watching her play on the right side of the law this season.

This is Us – Every marriage has issues.  I get it.  But I have loved watching Beth and Randall’s marriage, and this is one of the storylines that is driving me crazy this season.  This episode didn’t help at all.  And I really, really want to know why Beth agreed to go out with Randall again.  And did he ask her out or did she let him know she had changed her mind?

Survivor – They let one person back in the game.  And if you stay in the game, you are on the jury.  I wonder if the jury is now set, or if people can still leave if they decide to drop off the edge of extinction.  Getting Joe out sure was the right move, although with him being able to get back in, that can be scary.  During individual immunity, I realized how few of the players I really know at this point.  That always happens every season, but I feel like it is worse this time around since one tribe hasn’t gone to tribal yet.

Million Dollar Mile – Yes, I’m watching this.  Pretty much, you put obstacle courses on TV, and I’m there.  Absolutely scary in this case, however.  I would need more than a 2-minute head start to beat someone running a mile, never mind about those obstacles.  And they are definitely harder than I normally do at my mud runs.  I probably won’t keep talking about it, but I will definitely keep watching.

Abby’s – I was intrigued by this show.  Okay, and the fact that it’s set in a bar made me think of Cheers.  But an outdoor bar filmed outdoors in front of an audience was definitely intriguing.  I found the first episode amusing.  It’s a pilot, so it wasn’t the funniest episode I’ve seen of anything, but I’m willing to give it a few weeks to find itself.  I definitely see the potential for more comedy to come.

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