Saturday, May 18, 2019

May 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And the schedules for next year has been announced.  Everything I'm currently watching is coming back with one big exception (which I already knew about), and almost everything is on at the same time.  The only real surprise is that Batwoman is going to premier in the fall on the CW and Legends of Tomorrow won't be back until mid-season.  I figured it would be the other way around.  Of course, we will see if I stick with any of those shows after the big fall cross over and the end of Arrow.

But that's seven months away.  For now, let's look at this week's shows, including that big finale I already mentioned.

Supergirl – While I’m still not super impressed with this season, at least we were telling a story and moving it forward and not preaching this week.  How Supergirl is going to prevail is well beyond me.  I feel like we are completely at war right now, too.  I don’t see how we go back to something resembling normal after all of this.

Legends of Tomorrow – Again, the show feels like it is out of control, and I’m not sure how we go back and fix things.  Maybe that is because we are currently in the present, so we have to save our time to do it.  Gary turned out to be a handful when he gets upset.  And the Fairy Godmother was much more devious than I thought she was.

Arrow – No real surprises as far as I was concerned.  It helped that I knew who was leaving and had read some theories about next year’s crossover.  Based on what they’d been doing this season in the present and the future, it all made sense.  But it still hit me very hard.  Darn it, I want a happy ending for them.  It really does feel like it’s been pointless watching the show all these years.  And I know that was my complaint all season, but this didn’t help at all.  It was nice to see Curtis come back and see the return of Black Siren, not that I thought she was gone for long.

The Flash – Another emotional hour.  Cisco isn’t Vibe anymore?  That’s going to be hard for him and the writers.  And they’ve moved up The Flash’s vanishing act, although I’m not surprised with the big Crisis crossover coming next year.  Reverse Flash is back on the loose, so when will he pop up again?

Survivor – So the guy I was rooting for didn’t win.  But I’m not surprised that Chris won.  He got back in after spending almost the entire game on the edge, and then he made that big move in the fire getting out the guy most people had been trying to get out for a couple of weeks.  I’m okay with that outcome.

The Big Bang Theory – That finale was perfect!  As uneven as this season has been, I couldn't have asked for a better send off for these characters. So many laughs. Even the moments that I was expecting still came in a way that surprised me and made me laugh.  And the little moments.  So many little moments I completely enjoyed.  Thanks for 12 great years filled with laughter and friendship.

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