Monday, May 27, 2019

Cookie Review: Neapolitan Joe Joe's

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Creative Neapolitan cookie
Cons: Strawberry is the predominate flavor (not that I’m complaining)
The Bottom Line:
Transformed into a cookie
Delicious dessert

Delicious Mix of Flavors

I think I’ve proved over the years that I am willing to try the many variations of Oreo’s that Nabisco comes up with.  I mean, if you check out the index, you’ll find I’ve reviewed a few of them over the years.  And, while I’ve never reviewed any, the same goes for the varieties of Joe Joe’s, Trader Joe’s knock off of the popular cookie.  So, when I was in my local Trader Joe’s store a couple of weeks ago and spotted the Neapolitan Joe Joe’s on the new item shelves, I had to give them a try.

If you are familiar with all things Neapolitan and Oreo (I mean Joe Joe), then you pretty much know what to expect here.  One of the cookies is chocolate, the other is vanilla.  And the cream in the middle?  It’s strawberry flavored, of course.

There is a reason Neapolitan is popular; the three flavors mix together well.  And they mix together well here as well.  The strawberry center seems to be the strongest flavor, with that sweetness standing out while you are eating the cookie.  But don’t count out the chocolate cookie.  The vanilla cookie is overpowered by the other two, so it is basically eating a chocolate strawberry.  What’s not to love?  I’m actually not a fan of Neapolitan ice cream because I’m not a fan of chocolate ice cream.  But since the chocolate is in a cookie here, which I love, I think these are delicious.

Of course, they aren’t healthy for you.  Yes, Trader Joe’s might sell some healthier items, but these are cookies.  They aren’t healthy, and they aren’t supposed to be healthy.  Just keep that in mind before you scarf down an entire box.  (No, I haven’t, but it sure is tempting.)

While not every flavor experiment is for everyone, I’m certainly glad I tried Neapolitan Joe Joe’s.  If you think you might like them, I highly recommend you find a box next time you are in Trader Joe’s.

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