Friday, May 10, 2019

May 10th's Book Beginning and Friday 56

Friday has rolled around, so it is time for this week's Book Beginning and Friday 56.

This week, I'm featuring Spy School British Invasion, the latest middle grade mystery from the always excellent Stuart Gibbs.

Seriously, if you aren't reading Stuart's books and getting them for the kids in your life, you are really missing out.

Since this book picks up exactly where the last book in the series ended, we just right in with this:

The key to defeating SPYDER, the most dangerous consortium of evil doers on earth, sat in the middle of the dining room table of the penthouse suite.

Meanwhile, from page 56, we get:

"I've got it!" Mike yelled from across the room.
All the other curators immediately shushed him.
The rest of us hurried over.

Want to hear more?  I'll be reviewing the book on Sunday, so I hope you'll come back then.


  1. I haven't read anything by Stuart Gibbs, but I like the excerpts.

  2. Sounds like a real page turner! Happy weekend!

  3. Kinda wish they had books like this back when I was in Middle School (we still called that Junior High). Sometimes I think just how much choice we are inundated with these days...I'll never read half the books I own.

  4. I love a MG mystery and this looks like a lot of fun!