Saturday, May 4, 2019

May 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

May the forth be with you!

Supergirl – Could they be any more blatant with their lecture?  I mean, that interview was nothing but a lecture.  I’m glad Lena “came clean,” although working to find a cure for your brother is completely understandable and not something to be upset about.  I’m curious to see where exactly James will wind up power wise.  Right now, he seems to be becoming a Superman/Supergirl clone.  And I’m upset about the wife’s murder.  She wasn’t really a bad character, and it’s just going to make him more evil.

Legends of Tomorrow – Pure fun as always, but so many storylines!  Nate and Zarrie are my new favorite couple.  Love them together, and I wasn’t sure when they first started playing around with them.  Ray was both scary and funny fighting the demon inside him.  I know I should know what the bookclub book was, but I can’t place it.  And Rory coming out as the author was a hoot.

Arrow – Dinah being so against Team Arrow was driving me crazy until we found out it was all a plot to hide the truth.  Roy has been resurrected now.  Why?  What is the point of that?  I don’t think I’m going to miss this show at all when it is gone.

The Flash – So Nora wasn’t bad all along; she was making poor choices in an effort to still help.  I feel a little better about that now.  Still not completely thrilled with that plot twist.  Seriously, what it is with the writers on these shows that they take the great characters and make them act stupidly?

Survivor – I wonder if Devons read the entire thing and saw that advantage wasn’t good any more, or if he found out when Jeff told him.  Either way, the way he played that was fantastic.  And I’m glad to see Ron go.  He was all over the place and needed a comeuppance.

The Amazing Race – I would hope that Becca and Floyd would come in first on this leg.  The challenges were tailor made for them.  But it was fun watching them.  Sometimes, they are a bit much, but tonight they were fun.  But why couldn’t they have had the non-elimination leg last week for Rupert and Laura?  Why???!!!!!  (No, I won’t be letting that go any time soon.)  Doubt it will make much difference long term.  I don’t give the team that came in last more than two legs before they are out.

The Big Bang Theory – I was wondering where they were going with this competing team.  Obviously, they are no longer going to be an issue.  Does this mean that the series is going to end with Sheldon and Amy getting a Nobel?  After all this build up, I’m kind of thinking it will, but we shall see.

Abby’s – I think I’m going to be glad I stuck this out.  Again, I found this episode amusing.  No, I’m not completely sold on the show yet, and if it does get pulled (which I kind of expect), I won’t be too upset, but I will certainly enjoy it while it lasts.

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