Saturday, May 25, 2019

May 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Final two season finales of the year are in the books.  Of course, I started a new show the next night, and American Ninja Warrior is back in a big way next week, so I won't have any weeks with no TV at all.

Supergirl – They actually did a good job of wrapping things up, better than I thought they would.  And I didn’t feel like it was too preachy, although the crack about the 4th estate made me roll my eyes.  Definitely some interesting balls in motion for next season, including the fact that Lena now knows the truth.  And to think that I had finally relaxed, figuring she wasn’t going to turn evil despite the name.  Looks like they are setting her up to turn evil next season after all.  I’m a little bummed about that.  Would have been nice for her to be a non-traditional Luther.

Legends of Tomorrow – That was a packed episode, too packed.  Part of that comes from the fact that they have too many characters on the show.  I mean Zari has been on the show for two seasons now, and I’d mostly forgotten about her quest to save her family until they crammed it in to write her out.  Poor Nate doesn’t have good luck with love interests sticking around.  His sacrifice for Ray and brief reunion with his father was pretty good, however.

Blood & Treasure – I decided to give this new series a shot since it looked like it could be a lot of fun.  And I do see the potential in there.  But it wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped, plus it looks like we’ve got another long conspiracy to unravel.  Yes, I figured that would be the case, but still, I’m just not sure if I want to get into another show like that.  I may give it another shot next week, but we will see how I’m feeling then.

The Amazing Race – I’m so ready for Rachel to be off the race, so I was bummed that she came in last on a non-elimination leg (totally saw that coming, however) and then that she barely avoided elimination again.  Plus the preaching got to me as well – I actually fast forwarded through their 1st place finish.  The drum challenge didn’t change the order the teams finished in at all.  It was like almost everyone needed a practice run to figure it out.  The skyscraper challenge in the first hour was much harder than it sounded.  I was surprised it too the teams so long to get that figured out.

Hollywood Game Night – So, I’m unclear how it was any surprise how much money was raised during the episode.  I guess the final game if the team hadn’t gotten enough names guessed.  Other than that, the money “raised” was really just taking the place of the points.  Having said that, it was an absolutely blast to see the celebrities out there having fun, including Jennifer Garner and Kristen Bell since I’m big fans of both.  I think I was laughing hardest at Kristen not getting the clue involving her husband’s name, although having to come up with something so quickly under pressure, I absolutely get it.

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