Sunday, January 9, 2022

Disney Pin Review: Snow White - Cuckoo for Disney Pins - 2021 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Snow White appropriately gets a cuckoo clock pin
Cons: None worth dwelling on
The Bottom Line:
Snow White’s cuckoo pin
An appropriate combo
Couple nice touches

This Pin Has a Sinister Weight to it

The Cuckoo for Disney Pins series makes several stops in Fantasyland, which isn’t a surprise.  There are many popular attractions there.  However, I was surprised to see Snow White pop up as one of the pins chosen.

While I wasn’t expecting it, it makes sense they would include Snow White for this series.  The series reimagines classic Disney attractions as cuckoo clocks.  And cuckoo clocks are German in their origins.  I shouldn’t be surprised that Disney made this connection and included Snow White in the series, but I’m thrilled they did.  My surprise comes from the fact that they don’t usually include Snow White’s attraction when they are doing attraction based series.

I’ve been talking about the connection to the attraction, but the reality is this is just themed to Snow White in general.  I know from some of the other pins in this series that these pins are themed around attractions.

Anyway, the main focus of the pin is the Dwarfs’ cottage.  While we don’t see any of the characters from the film, we do see a blue bird and deer outside.  The face of the clock is dead center in the cottage.  It looks like the time is 5 o’clock, although we don’t see any numbers on the face of the clock.  Hanging from the clock are three weights.  The outer ones are very much classic cuckoo clock designs, which is what actually made me remember the German connection between cuckoo clocks and Snow White.  It’s the middle weight that is the most fun.  It’s shaped like an apple – well, a poisoned apple.  We can see the skull on it, meaning that one bite will send someone to the sleeping death.

As a result, this is the perfect pin for fans of the ride (in any version) or the movie.  And, since Snow White is such a historic movie, that means it has lots of Disney fans, right?

It would be nice if the clock part of the pin were a little more themed around Snow White, but I’m being picky.  Overall, this is a great pin that captures Snow White.

As a result, I was happy to add it to my pin collection.  I love seeing the touches that the artists give these twists on cuckoo clocks each month, and Snow White was no exception.

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