Saturday, January 1, 2022

Reading Challenge: Audiobook Challenge 2022

I plan to keep listening to audiobooks in 2022, so I'll be signing up for the Audiobook challenge again in 2022.  It's hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and That's What I'm Talking About.

Once again, I'll be going for the Stenographer level, which is 10-15 books.  My own sub-challenge is to listen to one a month.  I missed that last year by only making it to 11 books, so here's to listening to 12 again this year.

I'll post them below as I listen to them.

1. The Reversal by Michael Connelly (relisten)

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  1. I love audio books and try to listen to as many as I can. I started in 2020 reading them more regularly and I am so happy I did. Hours of fun!