Saturday, January 1, 2022

Reading Challenge: Mount TBR and Virtual Mount TBR 2022

I will be back climbing my To Be Read piles in 2022.  I mean, I added to them at Christmas and again with Barnes and Noble's sale after Christmas.  Not to mention all the books I only have around the condo and on the Kindle app on my phone....

These challenge require you to books that meet specific categories.  For the Mount TBR challenge, they have to be books you own at the end of 2021.  For this challenge, I will be hitting Pike's Peak, which is 12 books.

The Virtual Mount TBR challenge lets you read books that you borrow from any source, no matter when they crossed your radar.  I'll be venturing up Mount Crumpet again, which is 24 books.  Fortunately, my audio books count toward this challenge.

I will list the books below as I read them.

Mount TBR
1. Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers by Heather Weidner
2. Murder Lo Mein by Vivien Chien
3. The Turncoat's Widow by Mally Becker

Virtual Mount TBR
1. The Reversal by Michael Connelly (relisten)
2. Knot What You Think by Mary Marks

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