Saturday, January 8, 2022

January 8th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Shows are beginning to come back, but things will be going in earnest next week.  I hope I can keep up.

Around the World in 80 Days – I’ve always been curious about the story, but I’m just not sure about this adaptation.  I wish I could feel like some of what happened was actually in the book and not a change to lecture us, but I’m getting cynical enough I can’t help but feel that way.  I’ll probably give it another week, but we will see if I stick with it.

The Equalizer – The irony.  After that comment, I watch The Equalizer.  I don’t think they realize just how serious I was about giving up on the show back in December.  I watched this episode to find out what was going on with Harry.  I am curious how he will be involved if he can’t touch a computer, but I don’t know if I will be around to find out.  Could they have been any more political if they had tried?

The Amazing Race – They answered my biggest question first.  I knew they shut down production on a season as the Covid pandemic was first hitting almost two years ago.  I was wondering if those teams were going to get to race or if that season was going to be scrapped.  Glad to know they get to race.  Sorry that the singing cops went out first.  They may have been the only ones to not continue on past the break in filming.  This is the first time I can remember teams leaving from all over the place.  I’m assuming they timed the flights to land close together and they didn’t all leave for the airport at the same time.  And I called it, the flight attendants are making some of the mistakes I would expect them to know better than after all the bragging they’ve done about the advantages they will have.

United States of Al – They were on such a roll at the end of last year, but this wasn’t one of their better episodes.  The sub-plot with Riley was cringe inducing and the main plot was only marginally better.

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