Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review: Double Date by Barbara Taylor McCafferty and Beverly Taylor Herald (Tatum Twins Mysteries #5)

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great characters, puzzling mystery
Cons: The final book in the series
The Bottom Line:
Tatum one last time
With a mystery that's great
Wish it didn't end

The Twins are Still Going Strong in Their Final Mystery

Double Date is the fifth, and unfortunately final, book in the Tatum twins mystery series. It features forty-year-old identical twins Nan and Bert Tatum, named after the older pair of the Bobbsey Twins, but otherwise no relation. The series is written by a pair of identical twins, which provides an added insight into these character's lives.

Nan is tired of the single life. Deciding to try a new way to meet men, she signs herself and her twin sister Bert up for MySoulMate.org, an internet dating service. Soon, she thinks Mr. Right has replied to Bert's posting. Posing as Bert, Nan soon finds out that Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong. The next time she sees him, he's Mr. Dead. But when the body disappears, she can't get anyone to believe her. Dragging Bert along, she tries to prove she's right. Meanwhile, Bert is more concerned about patching things up with her boyfriend, Hank, who believes Bert signed herself up for the dating service.

This book takes the mystery solving twins through yet another harrowing adventure. The twin authors have once again provided plenty of suspense and laughs, and I could hardly put the book down. The "gimmick" of alternating first person narration in alternating chapters continues to be an asset, helping with both character and plot development. By this point in the series, we know the characters so well that the it's easy to remember who is writing which chapter, not that I ever had too difficult a time with the first book.

Fans of the series will enjoy Double Date immensely.  I sure wish the series hadn't stopped here.

And if you want to start from the beginning, check out the Tatum Twins Mysteries in order.

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