Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, it's late today.  I watched about half of this stuff today.  Yes, I was lying in a hospital room for most of the week, but they don't have DVR's there!  The nerve!!  And yes, I will catch up on The Amazing Race for next week.

Supergirl – I really wasn’t expecting Live Wire to not make it back.  Talk about a shock.  (Pun only partially intended.)  I was wondering if/when they would discover who Reign really is.  Looks like Alex will be working on that angle, so what will happen when she finds out.

The Flash – Nothing surprising about Ralph’s character development in this episode, but it was needed.  I’m enjoying his character as they are giving him some depth.  And I’m wondering how long Barry is going to stay in prison.

Ellen’s Game of Games – Back to the annoying contestants who scream constantly.  Yes, I’d be doing the same on that show, but it doesn’t make for a lot of fun to watch.  On the other hand, with fast forwarding to the actual critical parts (the game play), I think I got through the show in half an hour.

Lethal Weapon – Please tell me that Riggs finally asking for help means he is going to start turning things around.  I’m getting a little tired of his downward spiral.  It was nice to see more of Bailey, although the sibling on the wrong side of the law is such a cliché. 

Black Lightning – Still debating about this show.  Part of me is intrigued, but part of me is turned off by how dark it is.  Might give it one more week.  We’ll see how I’m feeling on Tuesday night, I guess.  And I’m wondering just why it is that using his powers seems to hurt him.  Is it his powers or the damage from the bad guys?  Or both?

This is Us – Finally answering the Jack’s death question.  We’ll see it in great detail next time, but we know how it got started.  And I think I can see why Kevin has such a hard time with it.  Look at how he was acting right before his father died.  He’s internalized that guilt.  And how does Kate’s dog play into this since obviously that was her issue with getting a dog.

The Librarians – That was as much fun as I thought it would be.  Rather predictable how it would all play out, but so much fun along the way.  It’s too bad they can’t bring these characters back in again because I think they’d make a fun addition every so often to the series.

The Good Place – Eleanor is extremely smart.  I sure didn’t figure out what was going on.  Oh, I knew it was her test, but I didn’t realize Chidi wasn’t there, too.  And the fact that she passed but was still planning to follow through on their pack?  Wow.  Meanwhile, I also never guessed that Bad Janet was really Good Janet is disguise.  She learned how to be bad very well.

Arrow – I’m glad William knows, and he seems to be okay with it now.  I wonder if he was lying or if he really thinks he is right now.  Watching him on the bus, I saw a lot of Oliver in him.  I like it!  They paid the money?  That’s not going to end well.  And something tells met hat Caden James won’t be happy even when they prove Oliver’s innocence.  He wouldn’t be the big bad of the season if he just apologized and moved on, after all.

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