Saturday, January 6, 2018

January 6th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And we are back from the Christmas break.  Okay, so it's still only a handful of shows, but it's more than last week.  Not too much more next week, but the week after that, watch out because my superhero shows are back.

Lethal Weapon – Wow!  Riggs’ father is a piece of work.  And does he really have that kind of power to reach to LA from a Texas jail?  Heck, how is he still alive?  They way this started out, I was expecting a funny episode, but it wound up being very serious.  And I knew the secret service agent wasn’t going to walk away from the episode and head into the sunset.  Too cliché for him not to, but it was obvious he wasn’t going to do that.

Ellen’s Game of Games – The contestants are a bit much.  But I find the games so much fun.  I was thrilled with the winner of the first hour.  There’s was something so nice about both of them.  Blindfolded Musical Chairs was a riot for sure.  The second hour didn’t have nearly the annoying contestants and was a lot of fun.  The guys sure were stupid on the Know or Go part, although I could see how they would come up with the wrong answers.  I probably would to in those circumstances.

The Amazing Race – I am already tired of the Big Brother team, and they came in near the top.  I’m hoping that’s a fluke and they go soon.  It’s hard to know much about the other teams yet, although I suspect the Basketball players won’t be around too long either.

Big Bang Theory – When I heard the premise of this episode, I hoped it would be funny, and it certainly lived up to my expectations.  I feel sorry for Stewart, although I’m not surprised by the outcome.  I think what surprised me most was Penny realizing that Amy is her best friend.  And at least we got to see Bernadette even if only briefly.  I wonder if that means Melissa has had her baby.

The Good Place – I did not expect that beginning!  When they left us with that cliffhanger, I didn’t expect it to be good news for Michael.  I didn’t pick up on any of the clues, but I figured Michael was up to something all along.  I’m very curious where they will go from here since they still have several episodes this season.


  1. I think I heard Melissa R had her baby back before Christmas? I liked the part where Penny realized she and Amy are in fact, best friends.

    1. I'm not sure when she had her baby in relation to when Bernadette is having her baby. I'm sure the bed rest story line was help cover for her absence, help her with rest, which I think was brilliant on the writer's part. But I'm not sure when they would have filmed this one in relation to her having the baby since they usually film a couple of weeks in advance.