Saturday, March 10, 2018

March 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

We only just came back from the Olympics, and already a couple of these shows are taking breaks.  Yes, I know I get to the point where I am ready for a break, but I wasn't quite there yet.

But pretty much everything was airing this week.

Once Upon a Time (3/3) – I’m shocked they killed off Victoria.  I really expected her to stay until the end of the season.  And because they tried to wrap up her story line so quickly, it felt rushed.  Plus it means that Gothel finally was able to defeat Rapunzel.  That doesn’t seem like the show.  It was cool see Leota.  I wonder exactly how she is going to fit in to everything.

Legends of Tomorrow – As dark as the season has gotten, I’m glad they just discussed torture.  Still, why kill the guy with the lab?  Glad Wally is officially on board, I think he will add a nice dynamic to things.  I wish they hadn’t gotten so dark, however.  This used to be the lightest of the shows.

The Flash – As annoying as I find the set ups like tonight’s episode, I didn’t mind as much.  I think it was because we only had 9 minutes to catch up to the bomb going off.  Oh, the actual scene with Barry and Iris didn’t come until later, but it wasn’t a stretch to know when it was going to happen.  Creative episode with some great character moments.  And I love Barry and Iris.  Truly, I do.

Lethal Weapon – As much as I haven’t enjoyed this arc, I really liked tonight’s episode.  And not just because it resolved things.  So glad that Trish was able to talk her way out of the situation.  I was rolling my eyes up until that point.  However, I did feel that the whole jump out of the airplane was absolutely stupid.  There’s no way that would have worked.  So happy with Molly, however.  She is completely right about what Martin needs to do next.

This is Us – This is the problem with the show at times.  I didn’t need this much background on Deja, especially since next week is the season finale.  I feel like we’ve stopped the rest of the world to focus on a minor character.  Plus, we’ve got the weird flashes of the rest of the characters showing how similar she is to the rest of them.  The final act was good since it moved us forward, and I’m wondering where her mother is going.  She’s not going to be happy when she wakes up in the morning.

Survivor – Ghost Island saved the day.  I’m sure that’s the only reason that we didn’t have the disadvantaged team lose another member.  And what is with the tribe swap so soon?  That really surprised me.  I wonder if we will have another one before the merge.

Designated Survivor – That is it?  I’d heard so much about Kim Raver’s guest starring role on the show, and she was in three scenes.  Still, it was fun for this 24 fan to see her.  Definitely more interested in the developments this week.  Hopefully, they can keep this trajectory going through the rest of the season.

The Big Bang Theory – So nice to see Barry again!  And I enjoyed seeing Howard and Bernadette thinking about staying home.  In fact, I found that to be the funniest part of the episode.  The rest was amusing, but their scenes were just so much fun.

Arrow – 3 week break already?  No!!!  I always loved Roy, so it is nice that he is back.  And, as much as I love Thea, if the two of them left together, I’d be perfectly okay with that.  Heck, if she joins the league (teaser for next time/cliffhanger at the end), that would give them both a happier ending than just being on the run.  Did I miss something, however?  How was Felicity able to figure out what really happened to James so quickly?

Ninja Vs. Ninja – In the preliminary rounds, I was rooting for both teams that make the finals.  I love Lance, but I’m okay with either team winner.  And considering how well Jessie’s team did, I can’t fault them at all.  Although I don’t remember the final two teams doing all 9 obstacles until the relays at the end last week.  Either that was new or I wasn’t paying close attention.

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