Saturday, March 3, 2018

March 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Olympics are over, and my DVR was back to being busy with regular TV shows (as opposed to recording the Olympics each night).

Legends of Tomorrow – The Legends facing pirates?  I figured it would be fun, but there were some other fun surprises along the way.  If they take this long getting Wally on board the ship, is he going to do more than save the day this season?  Seriously, I wish we weren’t dealing with Darhk as the villain yet again this season.  Give them an original villain next season, please.

Lethal Weapon – I was so glad to see Ruth again, even if it looks like this was it for her.  And I’m glad to see Riggs growing some finally.  But Murtaugh?  I’m so disappointed with this storyline.  I’m not even finding the comedy as funny right now.

The Flash – Knew Izzy wouldn’t last the episode, but I didn’t see they’d break my heart as much as they did.  I really am liking what they’ve done with Ralph.  I’m sorry it came at the expense of Wally, but at least he has landed on another show.

This is Us – They’ve managed to surprise me with the Dejah storyline.  I wonder where they are going to go with it.  I liked how the in-law relationships got better over the course of the episode.  I hope they continue that going forward.  And Kevin’s movie could be very interesting.  I’m wondering how he could still be a major part of the movie if they cut out half of his scenes.

Survivor – You’d think a super fan of the show would know that you don’t make yourself stand out at the beginning, either by taking on too much risk or by being super paranoid.  Yet that once again did someone in.  The best team ever lost two challenges back to back after winning that first one.  Love the irony there.

Designated Survivor – That was hard to watch.  I knew it would be as they correctly dealt with the aftermath of Alex’s death, but it was so hard.  Especially the scenes with the therapist.  The Cuba plot was interesting, and the previews make it look like we will see more of that kind of stuff coming up.  I hope so.

Big Bang Theory – Sheldon’s game sounds insane.  I love games, but that is one I think I will skip.  I saw an article about how the writers didn’t feel they had anything to add to the shows that have done birth episodes in the hospital over the years, and I rather liked the fact that we “missed” that.  Lots of fun to be had outside the hospital.

Arrow – I can not say this strongly enough, I am really tired of the current story lines.  Quinton needs to wise up that this Laurel is evil.  The two separate teams just keep going round and round.  They are both right and both wrong.  Can’t we get on with it already?  Please?

Ninja Vs. Ninja – They’ve changed things up some this year, including filming it at night.  Why?  I liked having something filmed during the day.  Anyway, the new course looks cool, although it does seem odd to have the two obstacles where players were going to collide side by side.  Not sure how I feel about the teams being eliminated right away instead of getting a chance for a comeback.  Then again, Ninja Warrior isn’t known for second changes.  Also not sure how I feel about relays to get one team to three since we already saw a team that should have won lose because of that rule.  But that is the rule of the season, and everyone knows that going in.

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