Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ornament Review: A Short Snooze - Petite Penguins #2 - 2017 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute napping penguin
Cons: Small, since it is a mini ornament
The Bottom Line:
Miniature snooze
Gets a holiday upgrade
Makes it very cute

Holiday Nap Time!

When you shrink penguins down to miniature ornament size, you wind up with some very cute ideas.  We are only two ornaments into the Petite Penguin series, yet both have been very cute.  In fact, A Short Snooze is absolutely adorable.

This ornament features a penguin curled up for a nap.  However, since it is Christmas time, he’s found a great place to do it, he’s curled up in a Santa hat.  His blue and purple scarf and his head is sticking out of the hat, but the rest is hidden by the hat.  That means the majority of the ornament is red and white as a Santa hat should be.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I think this is a very cute ornament.  It just screams cozy and comfy.  Heck, it makes me want to curl up for a nap.  It helps that the white parts of the hat are fuzzy, just like they should be.  The rest is plastic, as are most Hallmark ornaments.

Just in case the series name didn’t tip you off, this is one of Hallmark’s mini ornaments.  It is an inch long from side to side and less than an inch in the other dimensions.  If you aren’t careful with how you display it, it will easily get lost.  I do have a table top sized tree, and it looks great there.  Since this is a series, you will find the series marker on the bottom of the ornament, but it is very small.

The ornament is actually flat on the bottom, so you could set this out in a display.  Just remember the size issue again.  Or you can hang the ornament.  The loop is positioned such that it hangs straight.

If you keep the size in mind, you’ll be quite happy with this ornament.  A lot of cuteness is packed into A Short Snooze.

Be sure to look at the rest of the Petite Penguins series.

Original Price: $7.95

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