Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 31st's Weekly TV Thoughts

A few shows returned this week.  I'm actually surprised that my Tuesday shows still airing this season aren't back for another couple of weeks.  April 10th.  But as I said, I will be busy with TV pretty much until the end of the season once those two are back.

But that's future.  Here's what I watched this week.

Once Upon a Time (3/23) – They didn’t drag out Tilly as a suspect, which I appreciate.  And that’s an interesting story behind the statue and how Alice got out of the tower.  I was just wondering about that last week.  Now, my burning question is, did Emma ever miss her bug?

Deception – I thought the entire episode would be escaping from the room, so I was surprised when they pulled off the escape so quickly.  I wonder how they expected to get her out if Cameron Black weren’t part of the equation.  There was only the one stolen painting, right?  So would the others get sacrificed?  Anyway, the twists in the second half were good.  Probably should have seen them coming, but I was surprised.

Legends of Tomorrow – Now that was certainly more fun, and much more what I expect from the series.  I’m intrigued by what we learned about Ava.  What was/is Rip up to?  And I’m quite curious where they are going to go with Amaya.

Survivor – I thought there really was hope for James.  I can’t believe that tribe keeps losing.  And I can’t believe Chris.  I’m tired of hearing him talk, and I just spent five minutes listening to him.  Dom can go, too, since he is so full of himself.

Suits – I feel for Harvey in this case for sure.  Not only is Jessica baring the consequences of his sin, but he is now throwing her under the bus for it.  I get where he is coming from.  Honestly, I get where he is coming from with Donna, too.  However, he was so stupid with Paula!  A bit surprised that Mike’s case didn’t play out longer, but I love how it was resolved.

Designated Survivor – So that wasn’t the only appearance for Dr. Frost.  They are setting her up as a potential love interest for sure.  I was wondering how the former President leaked the deal, but they explained it.  And boy, could this episode had been ripped any more from the headlines.  We’ve got a very thinly disguised Korea and a leaker undermining the President because they think it is the right thing to do.

Big Bang Theory – I know Bill Gates was the big story.  And it was nice to see Penny and Leonard have something to do for a change other than react to everyone else.  But I loved the Bernadette sub-plot the best.  That was what was the funniest to me.  If you don’t read the vanity cards at the end, the tribute to Steven Hawking was wonderful.  I think that was my favorite part of the episode.

Arrow – They telegraphed Thea leaving in the last episode that aired.  I haven’t felt like they’ve known what to do with the character for the last couple of years, but I will miss her brother/sister scenes with Oliver.  I’m glad she and Roy left since I’ve always liked them together.

Ninja Vs. Ninja – I always root for the firefighters, and they never seem to do as well as expected.  Maybe I should stop rooting for them so they’ll do better.  On the other hand, how do you not root for Grant and Neal.  So glad they came from behind to win.

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