Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cookie Review: Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Frosting Oreos

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Limited cookie designs to honor Mickey
Cons: I don't like the frosting center
The Bottom Line:
Celebrate Mickey
With frosting centered cookie
Happy ninetieth!

Celebrating Mickey with … Oreos

Mickey Mouse is turning 90 next month.  While Disney is celebrating, other companies want to get in on the act.  One of those is Nabisco, which has issued a limited edition of their Birthday Cake Frosting Oreos.

Like a traditional Oreo, the outside cookies are chocolate.  Inside is a cake frosting center instead of the traditional Oreo middle with bits of sprinkles to add some festive color.  One side of each cookie has the traditional Oreo cookie design.  However, the other side has been changed to honor Mickey, and there are three different designs.  One has a profile of Mickey wearing a party hat and surrounded by confetti, one has a huge 90 on it, and one has a party hat.  These last two are surrounding by the three circle Mickey symbol.

Taste wise, these taste just like regular Birthday Cake Frosting Oreos.  Which is my problem with them.  Don't get me wrong, I love regular Oreos, and I have enjoyed many of the other varieties they have released over the years.  But I'm not a fan of frosting, so I tend to avoid the Birthday Cake Frosting Oreos.

And yes, I knew what I was getting when I bought the package of Oreos.  And I know why they went with this particular flavor for these limited edition cookies.  They are extremely fitting.  I'm just not a fan of the flavor.

Yet I don't regret buying them.  I'm enough of a DisNerd that I had to get some to honor Mickey Mouse.  After all, Mickey lead to so much else for Walt Disney and the Disney Company.

Your desire to buy these particular limited edition Mickey Mouse Oreos will be partially determined by how much you love Mickey and how much you love the cookies.  Personally, it is fun to have one package of them, but one is more than enough.

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