Saturday, October 6, 2018

October 6th's Weekly TV Thoughts

One new show for me this week, and it might be a keeper.  But one show is definitely dropping, and I think two more are likely to drop soon.

God Friended Me – Color me intrigued.  I’m definitely curious where they are going to go with this show, but I was impressed by the pilot.  So far, they are doing a good job with the characters and not making them caricatures on either side of any debate.  Of the new shows I’ve tried this year, so far I think this one is my favorite.

Dancing with the Stars (Monday) – The first song that popped into my head for New York night was “NYC” from Annie, but they didn’t do it.  Not that I have a problem with any of the songs that were done.  The two tiers of dancers are starting to emerge, those who are taking it seriously and will go far and those who will be eliminated early.  Hopefully, some of those who had big gains this week will stay at their new level.  All those guests tomorrow night?  I’m assuming they will be performing while the couples are dancing because I can’t see how they will squeeze everything in other wise.

Magnum PI – I don’t think I’m going to have any difficulty giving this show up in a couple of weeks.  If I had nothing else I watched on Mondays, I’d stick with it since, at least for now, it looks like it will be fun.  But I’ve got too much else at the start of the week.  I was wondering how they would sustain an episode about a fish, but it twisted in some fun and surprising places.

Dancing with the Stars (Tuesday) – This time they did have to do two different dances.  All of them.  I’m glad the hosts and judges discussed how hard they are making things this season.  The scores were pretty consistent between nights, which isn’t a huge surprise since the couples obviously working on both dances at the same time.  I’m sorry to see Danielle go, although I doubt she would have gotten much further.  Not for lack or trying or heart – I was amazed at what she did even though she couldn’t see.  Truly inspiring.  And I will give everyone is the cast credit for working hard and improving from week one.

This is Us – Kate and Rebecca’s interactions were fairly predictable.  But I did not see the issues that Kate’s comments were going to have on Randall or Kevin coming.  Of course, I would have if I thought about it at all.  And that last scene with teenage Randall?  Heartbreaking.  I wonder how that all plays out.

Lethal Weapon – As I’m watching Tuesday night’s episode on Wednesday, news comes through that Damon Wayans is going to quit.  Seriously?  So we are going to have a Lethal Weapon show without the two main characters of the franchise?  Meanwhile, Cole’s ex has a live-in boyfriend he knew nothing about?  Okay, I can see that being realistic, but it also feels like something from left field to me.  Made for a few fun moments, but ultimately, it just feels off to me.

Survivor – And the David’s lose again.  Honestly, it doesn’t look like it was even close, but that was a brutal puzzle.  There’s no way I would have wanted to do that.  Blind side right from the start, which is very interesting.  I hope it plays out well for the Davids.  But I think the drama at the Goliath tribe is ultimately going to be more fun this season.

A Million Little Things – I’m still unsure about this one.  I think it’s the affair.  That is going to be the bomb that blows up this group, and I’m dreading it.  Not to mention the fact that I really took like us rooting for a marriage to fall apart, which is what we are doing right now.  I’ll give it another shot, but it might be going away soon.

Big Bang Theory – “Our babies will be smart and beautiful.”  That’s from the pilot.  You can’t just take that away from us, I mean Leonard.  On the other hand, this might actually give Penny and Leonard a storyline this season, something they’ve been lacking since they got married.  Although the best reaction was Amy’s.  And I’m very curious where they are going to go with Raj and Stuart’s love lives.

The Good Place – I thought Trevor would be fun mixing with the humans, but he was just annoying.  However, we’ve gotten rid of him and Michael and Janet are now on Earth, so that’s good.  I wonder how Michael will be able to stir things since everyone knows him as someone different.  And Janet without her powers.  I can see those jokes being fun as the season goes along.

Murphy Brown – I’m out after two episodes.  That rant was painful to watch since it was so partisan.  And it just wasn’t funny leading up to it.  I really wish I could remember if the show was funnier when it was on before or if my tastes has changed this much.

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