Friday, October 5, 2018

October 5th's Book Beginnings and Friday 56

Well, I pretty much dropped off the Book Beginnings and Friday 56 train this summer, didn't I?  But it's time to hop back on.

You know, that sentence would go perfectly with the second in the Vintage Toyshop Mysteries by Barbara Early, which was Murder on the Toy Town Express.  But that was last year's book.  This year, we are up to book three, Death of a Russian Doll.


Thanks to Netgalley, I've already read this book, and I loved it!  Full review to come on Thursday.
Let's get to some teasers, shall we?

Here's now the book starts:

I never should have opened the box.

Love that first line!  Jumping head to 56% into the book, we find:

I avoided his eyes and dug into my lunch.  "Mark Baker has those records now."

Yes, there is a character named after me in the book.  But I would have loved it either way, I swear.

Have a great weekend, a long weekend for those of you up in Canada.


  1. This series sounds so wonderful! And the cover is so beautifully designed - adorable! I'll have to look up the first book. Thanks!

  2. Welcome back!! That beginning is epic! I really don't think it could get any more intriguing! I'm dying at the 56 though. Got a character named after you, geez, I hope he is a good one. :-) I am so grateful you came back and look forward to your posts every week. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. This does sound good and I love the cover. This week I am featuring A Crafter Knits a Clue by Holly Quinn from my review stack. Happy reading!


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