Saturday, October 27, 2018

October 27th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Supergirl – I was pleasantly surprised last week when the show wasn’t a lecture, but this week’s certainly was.  I mean, the President has to be a citizen of the US from birth.  It is in Article 2.  And that’s just for starters.  I’m afraid I’m going to find this show more frustrating than entertaining.  If I weren’t watching with friends, I’m not sure if I’d be sticking with it.  Plus, I’m worried that the new President, President Baker, is going to turn out to be a bad guy, which is going to be doubly hard since I love the actor and, well, his last name is Baker.  On the other hand, I did love Kara trying to get away from Lena so she could turn into Supergirl.  That was a very fun sequence.

God Friended Me – I felt like both “twists” in this episode were fairly obvious.  Or at least should have been obvious.  Yet we still had a feel good ending, which is what I think is drawing people to this show.  I have quite a few friends who seem to be enjoying it as well.

Dancing with the Stars – I love Disney night!  (Really, is that a surprise?  I didn’t think so.)  It’s so much fun with the great costumes and songs.  And the stars seem to rise to the night with some of them having their best performances of the season so far.  Plus, all the couples were saved by magic.  I bet two go home next week, but for this week it was magic.

Arrow – Okay, I’m a little less frustrated by the Oliver in prison storyline now, although they still can’t drag it out too long.  I can understand Felicity’s impatience, although I thought they did a great job of keeping the relationship with Diggle intact.  And I enjoyed seeing Laurel apologize, although it does seem like she has changed quite a bit since the end of last season.  How close is she to the old Laurel now?

Legends of Tomorrow – There was certainly some fun in the episode, but it was more gruesome than I really wanted it to be, too.  Still, the fun outweighed the dark.  I hope they keep the mostly light tone as we fight these others monsters this season.

The Flash – Long live Vibe!  And can I say I hate the new Wells.  But I’ve felt that way about him before, and grew to like him, so hopefully that will happen again.  And no, I’m not going to feel sorry for the villain because of a sick daughter.  Okay, at least not right now.  I’m curious what that exchange between Nora and Wells was all about at the end.  It obviously meant something much more to both of them.

This is Us – Sorry, Randall, but I’m with the residents of that neighborhood.  You may own the building, but you really shouldn’t be trying to run for office in an area where you don’t live.  Sorry, but that is a pet peeve of mine.  Poor, Beth, crying during a job interview.  I get what she is feeling, however.  Not super impressed with Zoe in this episode, although she has a very cool last night.  Randall is in serious trouble, but we knew that already.  So many intriguing stories going on here.  Much better than last week.

The Rookie – This episode wasn’t quite so bad.  Although I wasn’t missing the injured TO.  He is horrible!  Not sure if I am going to stick around for the entire season, but I will give it a look again next week most likely.

Survivor – Natalie’s gone!  I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, although I’m sure you can guess from my comments last week.  And we’ve got an even game again, which will make things very interesting come the merge.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if the merge happened next week?  Doesn’t look like it is, however.

The Big Bang Theory – That was the best episode of the season so far.  Gives me hope for the rest.  Yes, they were mean to each other, but they came to an understanding at the end.  And their spoofing of each other was spot on.  The costumes were outstanding.  And that last scene?  Brilliant!

The Good Place – Jason is my least favorite character, so having three of him this week wasn’t the best.  Still, got a few laughs out of his story.  However, Chidi and the simulator was hysterical, especially when Elinore hacked in.

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