Monday, October 22, 2018

Ornament Review: Queen of Hearts - 2018 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Wonderfully captures a fun scene
Cons: Noticeable tilt
The Bottom Line:
Another villain
Gets limited ornament
Croquet with the Queen

A Croquet Game for Your Tree

Last year, Hallmark released a Disney villain as a limited ornament in October, and Disney fans jumped to get it.  At least I'm assuming they did since they followed up that release last year with Queen of Hearts.  By all accounts this ornament sold well again this year.

The Queen of Hearts is represented with her first appearance in the movie where she tries to get Alice to play croquet with her.  She standing with her feet apart, a flamingo in her hand, and a hedgehog ball in front of her.  She's just about to start her backswing to hit the "ball," and she's got a huge grin on her face.

Fans of this nonsensical story will be thrilled with this ornament.  Honestly, I love the croquet scene, and this ornament captures it perfectly.  The only way it could be better is if it had Alice in it, but the ornament is big enough as it is.

In fact, the ornament is a bit oddly shaped, thanks to the scene that it is depicting.  It has a bit of a triangular shape to it.  But if the result is capturing this entire scene, I have no complaints.  It also provides a large base, so you can easily set it out to be displayed.

This is one of those ornaments that has a slight tilt to it but still looks okay.  Ironically, it tilts back toward the queen, but she is bending over enough that it still looks like the scene is straight when you go to hang it.  Add a few Christmas tree branches, and you’ll never know.

But I do have a rant.  Since when is the Queen of Hearts a villain?  Yes, I know she orders people's heads off at the drop of a hat (or anything else), but I picture a villain as being someone the protagonist fights against the entire way through a story and not just near the end.  I know Disney has decided she is a villain since she is part of other villain things Disney releases.  I also have this issue with the Cheshire Cat, which they've also decided is a villain.  But that's a side issue, and not really related to this ornament.

Again, you can easily consider this an unofficial compliment to the Unforgettable Villains series that Hallmark had almost 20 years ago now.  I'm glad they are continuing it in some capacity and hope we see more ornaments like it.

The Queen of Hearts wasn't the most popular of Hallmark's limited ornaments released this October, but she is still getting hard to find in stores.  If you are interested, I suggest you snag one as soon as you can.

Original Price: $15.99

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