Sunday, October 4, 2020

Disney Pin Review: King Arthur's Carousel - Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction #7 - 2020 Release

: 5 out of 5
Pros: Royally elegant 3 pin set
Cons: Minnie does look odd in teal and white
The Bottom Line:
Royal carousel
Is Minnie’s latest visit
In beautiful set

A Royal Pin Set

It’s certainly been an interesting year for the collectors of Disney’s Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction line.  You just never quite know when stuff will pop up and if you’ll be able to get it or not.  I was fortunately to snag the pins for King Arthur’s Carousel when Shop Disney originally offered them via the newly introduced MerchPass.  It’s an elegant collection.

This was the seventh set released for the series, and it finds Minnie in the middle of her longer stay in Fantasyland.  She just got off Peter Pan’s Flight, and she’s enjoying a ride on the carousel on her way to Dumbo.  And if you are familiar with Disneyland’s version of Fantasyland, that makes a perfect journey, too.  This is also the first time they have released something that makes it clear she is in Disneyland.  It turns out that the carousel in the other parks isn’t called King Arthur’s Carousel.  For example, it is Prince Charming’s Carousel at Walt Disney World.  I actually wasn’t aware of that.  Some DisNerd, I am, right?

Anyway, there are three pins in this set.  The first is some kind of icon associated with the attraction.  I’m sure it is no surprise that in this case the icon is a horse – specifically a carousel horse.  It’s mostly white with some pink and gold highlights.  Minnie is the second pin, and she is decked out for this attraction.  She’s got a crown with her bow, and her dress looks like a royal banner.  The final pin is Minnie ears.  They are a light teal color.  Instead of a crown, this time there’s a rose in the middle of the bow.  The right ear has some Baroque royal designs on it.  The left ear has a horse on it.

All together, these three pins look elegant.  That’s completely appropriate for a royally themed carousel.  However, I do have an issue with how it looks.  Instead of being black and white, Minnie is teal and white.  She matches the color on the ears pin perfectly.  She just looks weird not being black and white like normal.  Still, that is a minor complaint for me.  These are elegant and make me think of the attraction.

These pins went fast as have all the items for the Main Attraction line.  You’ll have to work hard to track this set down at a reasonable price.  But if you can find it, you’ll be happy with it.

If you'd like to see a picture, stop by my Instagram account.

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