Saturday, October 24, 2020

October 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Supermarket Sweep – They need to tone it way down.  Way way down.  The over enthusiasm was way too over the top for me, at least Sunday night.  Now that I know to expect it, we’ll see if I enjoy it more going forward.  I’ve noticed that happens to me with some shows.

Card Sharks – I think I’m hoarse after listening to the screaming from the first set of contestants.  I’m amazed by the contestant in the second set.  What a run!  I’m happy she won so much for her new house, too.  I like having the losing contestants and their families there cheering the winners on in the money cards.  I don’t remember if that happened last time or not, but it doesn’t make the stage feel quite as empty with no audience there.

Ducktails – I don’t normally watch the show (never got into the original either), but I had to watch this episode since it was going to include Darkwing Duck characters.  I LOVE Darkwing.  And I had a blast with it.  It was essentially a take on the original pilot with a few twists (like the fearsome foursome) thrown in for good measure.  Not sure how I feel about the actor turned Darkwing angle, but overall, it was as much fun as I had hoped it would be.

Dancing with the Stars – Seriously, what was up with Carrie Ann’s hair?  That just looked odd to me.  The dancing, on the other hand, was great.  I was surprised to see Johnny in the bottom two.  Not surprised he was saved since the other guy was in the bottom two last week.  I’m actually surprised the vote by the judges was as close as it was, in fact.  That’s the first tie since the first elimination this season.

LA’s Finest – That was a better episode.  I think because they went with sub-plots related to the core characters and not trying to have a case of the week.  I’m glad the drugs are in real police custody, but I fear this is far from over for them.  But the real burning question is, who is Alice?  Her mother?

The Weakest Link – Naturally, I was rooting for Mark all along, but I’m surprised he made it.  Not because I thought he was the weakest link a whole lot, but because I thought everyone was ganging up on him.  He did survive two ties, after all.  And he won!

Tell Me a Story – We aren’t waiting at all.  Going straight for the kidnapping in the second episode.  Very curious why he is so obsessed with her.  If I didn’t know the singers story would turn dark, I’d be enjoying the romance right now.  That’s the only story I’ve really connected with so far.  I couldn’t even remember who the woman who lost her father was until her “prince” showed up at the hotel.  That’s not slightly creepy.

The Amazing Race – I hate heights, and I have no balance, so I would have struggled with that Road Block.  None of the teams fully read the clue.  As the one team pointed out – rookie mistake.  I’m surprised the Olympias didn’t last longer.  I figured they do well, but they just ran into bad luck.  I was surprised to see the teams can have their phones.  I remember people asking about borrowing phones in the past.  Is that a rules change?

American Ninja Warrior – Not nearly as many finishers in this round.  Thrilled that Joe made it to the end, and that the two guys he brought made it farther even though they aren’t moving on.  Wish I liked cake as much as the Cake Ninja and friends do – I might stand at chance at the course.  Although I don’t think cake alone is their winning strategy.

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