Monday, November 16, 2020

Music Review: Step into My Story by Selah

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: 10 strong tracks of timeless truths
Cons: All cons stepped out of this release
The Bottom Line:
Tracks of timeless truth
Uplifting hymns and anthems
Not one track to skip

Jump into Selah’s Newest Release

Fans of Selah know what to expect from one of their releases – new arrangements of hymns plus new soaring, uplifting anthems.  We could all use some encouragement right now, right?  I know I can.  That’s why Step into My Story is exactly what I need.

The disc opens with an a cappella version of “God Leads His Dear Children Along.”  Allan takes the lead on this one, and his voice is wonderful with fantastic harmonies.

Next comes the title track.  This is one of those uplifting anthems I mentioned earlier.  Amy takes the lead this time she celebrates God stepping into our lives to walk with us and help us through those hard times.  It’s up tempo, fun, and encouraging.

Similarly, themed is “Hello, Grace,” the first radio single from the disc and a song where Todd takes the lead.  This is a midtempo track that talks about God’s grace to make it through this day despite the problems we are facing right now.  Again, it’s is encouraging and wonderful.

I will admit I cringed a bit when I saw “Joshua Fit the Battle” on the track list.  I’ve just never been a fan of this spiritual.  Until now.  Selah has given it a rock arrangement that is fun.  There is no other word for it.  My head was nodding and I was smiling within seconds the first time I heard it.

Other hymns here include “What a Friend We Have in Jesus, “He Leadeth Me,” and “Nothing but the Blood.”  That last hymn does include the African language of Kituba for a verse or two.  As often happens when they do that, this one has a bit of a tribal arrangement to that track, which adds to the fun.

I didn’t recognize “Living Hope” from the title, but as soon as Amy started singing, I knew it.  This is a cover of one of Phil Wickham’s recent hymns and fits in perfectly with the rest of the tracks.

There isn’t a weak track on this disc.  The timeless truths presented in the lyrics are captures in fresh arrangements that bring the often familiar hymns to life in a new way.  It’s why Selah has such a loyal group of fans.

Don’t hesitate to get Step into My Story.  This is another timeless release you’ll enjoy for years to come, and if you aren’t already a Selah fan, you’ll discover just what you’ve been missing.

CD Length: 39:47 
1. God Leads His Dear Children Along
2. Step into My Story
3. When They Hear It
4. He Leadeth Me
5. Hello, Grace
6. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
7. Nothing but the Blood
8. Joshua Fit the Battle
9. Living Hope
10. Shall We Gather at the River/The Water is Wide

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