Saturday, November 7, 2020

November 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 Before we get to the shows I watched all of, I do want to mention I caught the very end of Young Sheldon this week, and I absolutely loved it!  Great to hear Amy and find out they had a son - even what they named him.  Definitely made this Big Bang Theory fan smile.

Now, on to the main event.

Supermarket Sweep – One second left.  Wow!  And the guys in the first game didn’t wind up making it.  I was so sure they would win it all until they couldn’t figure out the last clue.  Not that I knew what they were supposed to be looking for, so I wouldn’t have done any better.  I really could have done without all the vote reminders in the first half hour.  Seriously, I wanted to get away from politics when I turned on this show.  We know when the election is.  We don’t need you to be constantly reminding us.

Card Sharks – And that’s why it is called gambling.  Ouch!  I get the temptation.  I really do.  I probably would have saved out a quarter, so I would have at least won something.  Wow, that ending hurt.

Dancing with the Stars – I always hate to see a celebrity have to leave for medical reasons.  How incredibly scary for Jeannie to have it be life threatening, too.  I mean, wow!  Chrisell was improving, so I’m sorry to see her go, but it was understandable since she is near the bottom most of the time.  Down to seven.  Hard to believe we are closing in on the finals in just a few weeks, isn’t it?

LA’s Finest – At least with the carried over case of the week, the motive wasn’t a general hate crime but something personal.  I appreciated that.  What a way to find out you have a half-sister.  I feel for Dante.  But now everyone is made at each other, which isn’t going to help the larger case.

The Amazing Race – I always feel sorry for a team that gets super behind and never can catch up, so I was thrilled this was a non-elimination leg.  I do wonder how far behind they really were.  I have done the bottle dance in Fiddler on the Roof, so I appreciate just how hard that bottle dance was.  In fact, it’s hard than anything I did, and I had a hat to help keep it on my head, too.  But I didn’t have to get down on my stomach with the bottle.

B Positive – I keep hoping that Chuck Lorre will create another great sitcom.  This doesn’t appear to be it.  Between the kidney storyline, which is pretty serious, and the other lead being so out of control, it just didn’t work for me.  I spent more time cringing than I did laughing.  And don’t get me started on that creepy opening title sequence.  I’ll give it another week since series premiers can be weak, but it needs to really improve if I’m going to stick around beyond that.

American Ninja Warrior – Joe!!!  No!!!!  That was hard for me since Joe is one of the athletes I root for hardest.  On the other hand, I was also rooting for Daniel Gill to make it to the end since he came so close last year, so I am thrilled with the results.  I couldn’t believe how nervous I got when the two of them were running.

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  1. I knew about Supermarket Sweep, but had no idea they brought Card Sharks back. One of my favorite game shows growing up, though I still wish they'd bring back Sale of the Century.