Saturday, November 14, 2020

November 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Supermarket Sweep – That first round was very close.  Down to the cents.  So thrilled the couple managed to win it all.  Couldn’t believe the returning players couldn’t find the Capri Suns in the second round.  Of course, I was blanking on the name, but I was picturing them.

Dancing with the Stars – I am surprised that Johnny was in the bottom two.  Guess I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan.  I’m surprised that it was a split decision, not that he was saved, but that it wasn’t unanimous.  And as everyone is talking about their icons, I’m trying to think of mine.  I don’t know that I’d list anyone I listen to as an icon.  Maybe it’s just because the term isn’t usually used in Christian music.  I mean, I do listen to the biggest names from back in the day.  Definitely food for thought.

LA’s Finest – I think I’m beginning to like these characters.  I was actually drawn in to Syd’s family drama.  Not too surprised with how the episode played out, but I still liked it.  Next week, McKenna’s going to be in the hot seat, and rightly so.  It won’t be pretty, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.  And yes, I feel horrible for that lifeguard.

The Weakest Link – I’m actually very impressed.  Kaya not missing a question?  That’s amazing.  You can tell she was guessing on some of them.  I’m surprised she wasn’t voted out at the end.  Certainly would have been the smart thing to do.  I do have to give Spencer credit as well.  He hung in there with her, even forcing a run off.  Considering his performance in the earlier rounds, I didn’t suspect that would happen at all.

Tell Me a Story – I’m really surprised they took out the stalker already.  I figured he was going to be around for the season.  I do feel a bit sorry for the kidnapper, but clearly, he is deranged.  And where is the story with the stepmother going to go?  All three stories definitely have my interest now.

The Amazing Race – Wow!  I couldn’t believe who got eliminated at the end.  Not that I mind at all because that was a team that got on my nerves.  Obviously, the teams didn’t know clutch as well as they thought they did.  Although it has been so long for me, that I would need to refresh my skills before going on the race.  I’m sure due to pressure that would be me.  The one team asked if they got to throw pies at people when they were done, but then they all got pies thrown at them instead.  I would have failed the art challenge for sure.  But I would have loved the carnival games.

B Positive – Gina really isn’t growing on me.  She’s such a train wreck.  I get that she’s supposed to be funny, but I don’t know if I can really put up with her long term.  Not quite ready to bail yet, but I’m close.

Star Trek Discovery – I get interested in the show at the end of the episode, but I’ve lost interest again by the time it comes on again in a week.  I’m predicting that Discovery will save the admiral (or whatever her rank is) and she’ll think differently about it.  It’s a bit of a cliché, so we’ll see if I am right.

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