Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Review: A Quarter for a Kiss by Mindy Starns Clark (Million Dollar Mysteries #4)

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Another great plot with great characters
Cons: Cliffhanger ending
The Bottom Line:
Another strong book
With a killer cliffhanger
A winner for sure

Strong Fourth Entry in This Wonderful Series

Tom and Callie finally get to spend some time getting to know each other in person. Almost alone at a retreat in North Carolina, one week has stretched into three, but the real world is calling again and they must reluctantly part ways.

Just as they reach the airport, Callie gets a phone call from Stella Gold. Her husband Eli has just been shot by a sniper and is in surgery. Before loosing consciousness, he specifically asked for the two of them to come. Since Eli is such a good friend, they drop everything and rush to his bed side.

A PI, Callie wants to figure out what happened to Eli. The only clue is a warning from someone named Nadine. When Eli and Stella's condo is searched, it is further proof that someone is after him. Where might he have hidden his notes? And why did Eli request Tom's presence?

As this series has progressed, the plots have only gotten strong, and this book is no exception. It starts with a bang and keeps right on going. Every time an answer comes, it only leaves more questions. Yet Callie and Tom keep digging, getting themselves further and further in trouble. While some things seemed obvious a little early on, there are still several nice twists along the way that keep the reader guessing.

Fans of the series will be happy to learn that Tom is a very active part of this book instead of only a presence like in previous entries. In fact, we even get to learn what he does, finally. His relationship with Callie continues to grow as she continues to move on from her husband's death. In fact, one of the strong points of the series is watching Callie finally truly deal with her grief.

The writing style is still a little rough, keeping the reader a little more at bay by telling instead of showing. It's not a big problem, however, and I found myself staying up too late reading every night to see what would happen in the next chapter.

The only problem with this book is the cliffhanger ending. Even though I saw it coming (I've read the back of the next book already), it still left me wanting to pick up the next book right away. Which isn't really a bad thing at all.

With a strong plot and great characters, this Christian mystery series is wonderful entertainment, and A Quarter for a Kiss is another great entry.

You'll definitely want to read the rest of the Million Dollar Mysteries in order.

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