Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1st Weekly TV Thoughts

Ack!  How can it be February Sweeps already?  And February in general.

As a reminder, spoilerish comments start below.

Intelligence - I'm done.  It's not that the show was bad, but it wasn't that special or unique.  Outside of the second episode, everything felt like another procedural going through the motions.  I don't have time for new shows I'm not loving, so I'm backing this one in.

Melissa & Joey - Man, I think I'm going to have Ryder's song stuck in my head.  Not good!  Glad Joe has moved back in where he belongs.  Wonder what is next for this new relationship.

Arrow - Mom running for mayor?  That's going to be good.  I hope Sarah being there will bring Laurel's drinking to an end because I hate that storyline.  On the other hand, I'm really liking Roy and Oliver's new working relationship.  Long may they train.

Psych - I'm not normally a fan of Woody, so I was dreading a Woody centric episode.  This one was actually kind of fun.  I was also wondering just how long they'd keep the interim chief around.  Won't miss him at all.

The Big Bang Theory - They have really mastered the three story thing this year.  All three of them were a hoot, although I loved having James Earl Jones becoming such fast friends with Sheldon.  Completely crazy, but funny, too.  And the first couple of scenes with just Penny and the guys?  Classic Big Bang comedy.

The Crazy Ones - How did a computer spit out that great ice commercial and the stupid cat food commercial?  Oh, wait, I'm thinking about it logically when the reality is it was a plot point for a comedy.  And as such, it was pretty funny.

White Collar - Yeah, yeah, Mozzie didn't die and they caught Rebecca.  That much was a given.  Let's talk the last 10 minutes.  It looked for a moment like this was a series finale even though I knew it had been picked up for another season.  And with Peter feeling the need to stay for Neal, that's what gets him to stay in New York.  But Elizabeth commuting?  Please tell me they aren't going to give them issues?  I have always loved Peter and Elizabeth's relationship.  And yes, who kidnapped Neal and why?  And how long do we have to wait for the next episode?

Enlisted - So they seem to be on an every other cycle.  A really funny one followed by an amusing one.  This one was amusing but not as funny as the first and third.  Still, I really enjoyed it.  I knew something like that ending would happen, but I still wasn't quite sure what it would be until the suit's head came off.

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