Monday, June 23, 2014

Ornament Review: Christmas Window #10 - Jangles - 2012 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Back to a true Christmas window!
Cons: The gold cord in the back
The Bottom Line:
This window will help
You get ready for Christmas
With all the trimmings

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For the last few windows in Hallmark's Christmas Window series, I've been complaining that they didn't look that Christmassy to me.  Well, that changes with Jangles, the 2012 entry in the series.

Honestly, I can't quite tell what Jangles is supposed to be.  My guess is it is a department store.  But since the sides of the window say "Gifts, Toys" on one side and "Decorations" on the other, you'd almost think it was a specialty shop for Christmas items.

Either way, the ornament features a little girl walking her dog.  While the dog is impatient to move forward, she's been stopped by the display in the window.  Inside, she sees a Christmas tree with presents under it and Santa with a sack of toys.  Well, it usually has toys in it, but right now the sack has an elf sticking out of it.  Under the window are blocks, and supporting the roof are fancy columns.  There's plenty of snow on the roof as well as the ground.

When you turn the ornament around, you can see a few more decorations.  There's a rocking horse next to the tree.  A snowman and a toy soldier are on a shelf while a teddy bear has fallen to the floor.  And there's a drawer open revealing a few ornaments and a gold chain for wrapping around your tree.

Honestly, that gold chain is the oddest part of the ornament to me since it is sticking up out of the drawer.  I looked at several in store displays, and they all had this "feature."  It might make sense if it was drapped over the side of the drawer, but since it is sticking up, it just looks weird.  It's definitely defying gravity, something I've never seen a chain do.

That odd feature aside, I do like the ornament.  It's a return to a true Christmas window and the details are charming.  Yes, the soldier could have used a bit more, but it's still good.

As always, you'll find the 10 in a Christmas tree (can you believe we're on #10?) on the bottom of the ornament.  I use that nice flat base to put this one out with the rest of the series under one of my Christmas trees.  But if you want to hang it, there is a brass loop at the top.  The ornament hangs level.

That gold cord sticking out of the drawer just gets me.  The rest of the details are nice, but I hope an employee of Jangles fixes it soon.  It's the one detail that bugs me most about the 2012 Christmas Window.

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Original Price: $20.00

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