Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Edition of the Weekly TV Recap

Happy Valentine's Day!  I guess you could say I'm featuring my love of TV on my blog today, right?

In all seriously, you will notice one show missing.  I said last week that I would give Fresh Off the Boat at least one more shot.  I couldn't do it.  I made it half way through the first episode Tuesday night and took it off the DVR.  Just not my sense of humor, I guess.

But here is what I watched and loved this week.

Castle – I knew who the big guest stars were for the episode, so I wasn’t that surprised by the set up.  But man, I could not look away from the screen.  It was a captivating hour, and I can’t wait to see how they recover from the cliffhanger.  And yes, I have a full recap here.

The Flash – I’d been hearing that time travel turned out to be one of Barry’s powers, so I suspected whose blood we’d find on the wall.  Still, an interesting twist, and one I can’t wait to see how they deal with.  I’d forgotten that Victor Garber was going to be on the show, and it was fun to see him.  But seriously, can we get beyond the cliché of the superhero having to cut dates short because of a crisis?  Thank you.

Agent Carter – I think I’m more interested in seeing the next episode where she has to try to talk her way out of the mess she’s in now.  Still, this was a good episode as Carter once again got to show the men who is boss.  I do love strong female characters (just look at the books I read).

Arrow – The drug induced scenes with Sara were okay and fairly predictable, as was Laurel’s story arc for the episode overall.  However, that final scene?  It almost had me crying as hard as Laurel and her dad were.

Melissa & Joey – With the cancelation announcement that came out this week (the show is ending this summer), I was also happy to learn that Ryder has a lesser part of the show since he’s been getting parts in movies.  Good for him.  It was fun to see Valerie Harper, aka Rhoda, on the show, too.

Baby Daddy – Somehow, I did not see that ending coming with both the guys being jerks.  Very funny stuff, however, and the scenes with the brothers playing video games were pretty good as well.

Suits – Seriously, can they cut back on the swearing?  It is really, really getting annoying.  And I thought that Harvey and Louis got along better than this near the beginning of the series.  I mean, Louis did ask Harvey to be the best man at his wedding not that long ago.  Still, I’m glad they appear to have worked through their issues and I hope for some conflict of a different kind for the last few episodes of the season.

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