Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1st's Weekly TV Recap

Two fewer shows this week, but it feels like the list is even shorter than that.  Maybe it helps that I wasn't running behind all week, so it's all mental.

America Ninja Warrior – So funny, the guy who was taking advice from others and then Evan himself with his #LessShirtMorePower tag.  I’m wondering if they keep making it this hard if they will have any finishers in future years.  But so inspiring even when they fall.

Scream – Another week with no murder.  However, the twists are getting quite interesting.  Like what is going on with the blackmail story?  Did the mayor kill his wife?  Why did one rat out the other?  Is Emma jumping from the frying pan into the fire?  I’m still suspicious of the sheriff’s son.  I know we’re supposed to be, but I can’t help it.  And is creepy phone voice sounding more like the one from the movie this week, or am I crazy?

Melissa & Joey – I did not see that ending coming.  In fact, I’d kind of forgotten they were trying to have kids.  I was with the audience, however, I loved it!

Baby Daddy – Man, those parties must have been wild, and I’m still very curious about the dolphin and how that played in to things.  Still not sure where they are going with this wedding, but are they actually working toward resolving the love triangle?

Suits – They are really working the characters in some different pairings this season, and I love it.  Harvey with Rachel is a nice fit.  Plus I loved Donna’s sub-plot for the wedding and her interactions with Harvey’s new secretary.  And yes, the new secretary is another version of Donna, which is fun.

Graceland – Yes, I did watch.  And I’ve pretty much determined that the problem is too many storylines.  We just can’t keep it all straight.  We’ve got three stories unraveling right now, but we get so little of them every week it’s hard to remember what has come before with everything.  Not to mention what is happening with the agents personally.  I wound up home with nothing going on this week.  Next week, I’m planning to be out.  We’ll see.  I might not watch next week.

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