Saturday, November 14, 2015

Book Review: I Really Like Slop! by Mo Willems

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Very funny story, great pictures, good moral
Cons: Try it, You’ll Love It!
The Bottom Line:
Gerald tries some slop
Which is Piggie’s favorite
Hilarious book

I Really Like This Book

I’ve got to admit, I was quite curious what would be happening in I Really Like Slop!, the newest Elephant and Piggie picture book by Mo Willems.  Yes, I was trying to judge this book by its cover and title, and I wasn’t coming up with anything concrete.  Now that the book is out, I’ve read it, and I can say with certainty that this is another classic book in the making.

It’s lunch time, and Piggie is making one of her favorite treats – slop.  She really likes slop, and she wants her friend Gerald to try some.  Gerald isn’t interested because of the smell, but Piggie is his best friend.  Will he try it?  What will he think if he does?

Now if you are getting the Green Eggs and Ham vibe, you aren’t alone.  I’m sure everyone who reads it will be thinking of the classic Seuss book as well.  And while that book is wonderful, this book offers a fresh (pun intended) spin on the classic dilemma of trying something you never have tried before.

When Gerald does decide to try slop, his reaction is hilarious.  Plus Piggie has a classic line during those pages as well.  The ending is sweet with one final joke in there to get you laughing again.  The moral here is subtle – it’s okay if you don’t like something as long as you try it.

All this is told in Mo’s classic style.  We’ve got wonderful pictures that will make you laugh and assist the dialogue in telling the story.  The entire story is told via dialogue between Gerald and Piggie (with one line from a fly).  And the dialogue is filled with words that most early readers should be able to read for themselves.

I’ve been using my niece and nephew as an excuse to read these books, but I can tell you that even when they outgrow these books, I will enjoy catching the latest adventures of Gerald and Piggie.  As I Really Like Slop! proves, they are fun books for all ages.

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