Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Notice how many shows are on this list.  Yes, I'm watching way too much TV right now.  Fall break is coming soon, which will cut this number down significantly.  I just hope I can make it that long.

Once Upon a Time – I think I like that twist with the Grail and Excalibur.  Frankly, there were several good twists upon expectations in this episode including the reveal of the first Dark One.  Now I am wondering how many Dark Ones there had been before Gold and how that fits the timeline since Gold had to be the Dark One for at least 100 years.  And I’m wondering if Emma is all Dark One or if she has Merlin’s good inside her and is trying to hide that fact.  I don’t think that quite fits with what we’ve seen before, but it’s a theory I’m working on.

The Librarians – I wouldn’t say any of that character development was unexpected or surprising, but I certainly enjoyed it.  And the episode didn’t tie in directly to the storylines started last week, at least not yet.  Still, overall a fun episode.

Supergirl – I’m fully on board with this show now.  A bit campy fun, but the characters are growing on me.  I do wish that they’d lighten up the girl power speeches, but that’s about my only complaint at this point.

Dancing with the Stars – No!!!!  I’m so disappointed with Alexa going home especially after that week she had.  I get it with her low scores last week, but still, it hurt.

Castle – I wasn’t that excited that Adam Baldwin was coming back, but I actually warmed to Slaughter as the episode went on.  There were some pretty funny lines as well.  But I’m still not liking this separation between Castle and Beckett.  They need to fix that pronto.

The Muppets – That might have been my favorite episode to date.  The way things fell apart on the show was pretty funny.  Not perfect, but if they can go more toward those type of moments, I’ll enjoy it more.  I loved seeing “The Rainbow Connection,” too.

The Flash – I did not see that ending coming.  Barry’s paralyzed?  That’s going to be quite the change for everyone.  I can’t wait to see that play out.  And I seriously wonder how we can take down Zoom.  That felt like something much closer to the end of the season, although they’ve been doing a lot with him already this year instead of the slow build they did in season one.

Agents of SHIELD – I thought they’d play out the secret longer.  Instead, they resolve that one and give us another.  And what might Fitz have found and how will that impact the rest of the season?

Scream Queens – Jamie Lee Curtis totally got the best line of the episode.  I mean, how could they not reference Psycho?  Pretty decent fight scene, too.  I’d suspected that three people were involved, but now we know for sure.  So the question is, who is the third and what exactly is the motive?

Arrow – Yes, I know they are just setting things up for Legends of Tomorrow right now, but I’m still have a blast with these episodes and what they are doing with the characters.  I think I’m enjoying this show more than The Flash so far this season.  And I’m thrilled that Felicity’s mom is back, too.

Survivor – Wow, what a time to play the idol!  I wonder how that might change things next week, although with only three of them vs. the rest of the tribe, it’s not looking good.  Oh, and just because they don’t want to play with you doesn’t mean they aren’t playing the game.  You might not see it, but they could easily still be playing.

Chicago PD – Tuned in for the first time ever since my friend Mike Peebler was guest starring.  Not sure I followed all the sub-plots, but I followed the main mystery and it was fun seeing him on a show.

Heroes Reborn – You know, after not seeing them for three weeks, I lost a few of the plot threads there.  I picked them up again before the episode was over.  So what is Parkman doing working for Erica?  That’s can’t be good!  And she has one of the twins now.  I’m very worried about what that will mean for the future.

Big Bang Theory – I knew what they were leading up to at dinner.  I felt so badly for Amy, I really did.  Although you knew the trio would get caught spying on her, that was still pretty funny as well.  And that girl that showed up to answer Sheldon’s ad?  Wow!  Leave it to him to turn her away because she was late.

The Amazing Race – I guess they will have non-elimination legs.  And what a leg to have one on.  The Texans have grown on me, and I thought it was such class at the end to see them work with the Cheerleaders and then not pass them during the roadblock.  Of course, they didn’t have time to pass them after that.  They were true gentlemen.  Plus, they had such bad luck, and I hate to see a team leave when they have such horrible bad luck.

Girl Meets World – As a Christian, I have major issues with that episode.  There is so much more to beliefs than they covered while trying to make it sound like all beliefs are equal.  Yet it was more respectful than I was expecting, which was something I actually did like.  The end result, I’m kind of torn on that one.


  1. I really enjoyed The Big Bang Theory this week and did hurt for Amy though the scene where they got caught was hilarious! I'm enjoying The Librarians too and I especially liked last weekend's show. Like you said - not unexpected but still nice to see a little more of Stone. I'm still sad about Hayes going home a few weeks ago on Dancing with the Stars I can't even process Alexa!

    1. It's especially upsetting since Tamar went back to the hospital after the show, found out she had blood clots, and had to drop out. So we've lost her when Alexa could have stayed!