Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

We are winding down for Christmas.  Just four shows this week, not that I've had the time for some of the other things I thought I'd get done without so much TV to watch.  Where does all my free time go, anyway?

The Librarians – I really liked the character development they gave Ezekiel Jones.  Frankly, it was much needed.  I mean, the guy’s funny, but he is a bit reckless much of the time.  But then they erased it?  I wish they hadn’t done that.  Of course, he is the comic relief in a dramedy, so he couldn’t be serious all the time.  I’ve got to say, the whole concept of the show was great, especially when he figured out it was a video game.

Supergirl – So pretty much everyone knows, faster than on The Flash, even.  Yet I’m okay with Cat figuring it out since she is supposed to be a smart woman.  I just wonder how she will treat Kyra now that she knows.  That’s what I’m wondering about most right now, not the fight cliffhanger.  And I do hope some of Cat’s character development sticks around after the break.

Survivor – I was expecting nothing less than outstanding from this finale after the season, and they delivered.  I mean, that first tribal alone was awesome and worth watching the season for.  Jeremy getting all the votes was a tad anti-climatic, but still, that’s me being extremely picky for such a great season.  Oh, and I LOVED that Kelly revived the “pick a number” bit.  Didn’t chose the winner this time, but it still made me laugh so hard.

Big Bang Theory – I don’t know why I was at all concerned with how they’d handle the most talked about episode of the series in quite some time.  They was a lot of fun with great lines and very funny moments.  Plus the scenes in the movie theater were fantastic as well.  Definitely a strong, very strong episode.

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